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Walton TransCan 2021

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

July 2012

Walton Raceway – The Event Centre

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The Feed InTariff (FIT) renewable energy program under the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has made it possible to take Walton Raceway’s ‘Green’ operations philosophy beyond conservation, recycling and eco-friendly choices. A 100KW rooftop solar allows us and our clients to give back in a significant way. For example here is the impact or equivalent of

Walton Raceway is building the future

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Walton Raceway is building for a sustainable future with an offering family oriented, active outdoor recreation. The four areas we have focussed on are 1. adding capacity to accommodate increasing attendance at key events for spectators, campers and competitors. 2. Diversification of activities available as an active sports parks with pay-to-ride for MX , bicycle

Event Background

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The 2014 Parts Canada TransCan GNC is located at  Walton Raceway . Click here to learn more information about the raceway, it's history and other events. Go here to find directions. Forty plus years of motocross racing! As tracks come and go, the track and tradition of Walton Motocross is one of the oldest in Canada. The land

How to Qualify

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The Canadian Motorsport Racing Club (CMRC) is broken down into 11 regions. Each region has a select number of guaranteed gate positions, for a total of 42 riders across Canada. Riders who achieve a position equal to or better than these guaranteed gates in the Amateur National Qualifier series, will have successfully qualified for the