Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

2022 Amateur National Qualifier Schedule – the ANQs

Version 01.22 – January 18th, 2022

Walton, ON – Thousands of participants will be competing for a spot on the gate in hopes of being crowned a 2022 Walton TransCan Amateur Motocross Grand National Champion. Before the gate drops for the first moto in your region, make sure you are aware of the qualifying events and the entry procedures:

2022 Walton TransCan Amateur GNC Dates
August 8-14, 2022
Monday, August 8, 2022 – Walton TransCan Early Move-In
Tuesday, August 9, 2022 – Walton TransCan General Move-In
August 10-13, 2022 – Amateur GNC
Sunday, August 14, 2022 – Triple Crown Series MXTour Final Round

2022 ANQ FAQsNQ Deadline Update

ANQ Deadline Update

The ANQ deadline has been extended to June 27th (previously June 24th) to accommodate a few rescheduled and important races.


What is the deadline to register and retain my qualified gate position?

Gate positions are held for ANQ qualified riders ONLY until June 27th – if you have not registered for your desired classes before June 27th, your gate position is not held regardless of your finish position. We DO NOT hold your ANQ gate position in the hopes you will show up at the line.

The Basics:

This is a limited entry event. Riders are encouraged to participate in at least one Amateur National Qualifier event (ANQ) in addition to pre-entering. Entry priority is determined by the Regional ANQ series’ results and regional entry allocation. Additional regional entries and entries for lower qualified riders will be accepted if allocated positions are not filled. Entry timestamps come into play in the case of a “0” points tie after full regional allocations have taken place. The bracketed number (x) below is the minimum number of guaranteed pre-entry gate positions allocated per region for each ANQ Championship.

The Walton TransCan is a limited entry event. There are 42 gate positions available for each class. In addition, standby positions are assigned to participate in practice and be available to ‘fill-in’ up until the gate drop of the first moto.

More Words = More Details:

Gate positions are held open with an appropriate number of gates in every class allocated by the number of racers in each region of Canada. If the allocated gate positions of a region are not filled by the close of pre-entry on June 27th, they are returned to the pool of available gate positions. If entries from a region exceed the region’s allocated amount, those entries will only be accepted if gate positions are available from the pool of available gate positions.

Riders are ranked for the Walton TransCan. The ranking is based on the Amateur National Qualifiers (ANQ) to ensure that Canada’s best athletes make it to the limited start gate. ANQ events are those regional events identified by the TransCan as most representative of each region’s talent. It is the responsibility of the riders to ensure that any ANQ results are posted in their region accurately. The date of entry is used as a tiebreaker in ranking points.

Failure to participate in ANQs results in received rider entries being ranked after all ANQ participant entries. Low ranking results in a later gate pick for the first moto. In a full class, you will not get a starting position. If a TransCan entry does not get ranked through at least one ANQ participation, they will only be eligible to enter as a post entry. Confirmation of non-participants entries is delayed until all ANQ participating entries are confirmed.

Riders are encouraged to achieve their best possible result in ANQs, pre-enter TransCan before June 27th for maximum savings, and thereby get their best start gate position for the first moto and best assurance of being on the line as one of 42 of the finest from across the country.

BC (6)

Alberta (6)

Saskatchewan (3)

Manitoba (3)

South Western/Eastern Ontario (10)

Northern Ontario (2)

Quebec (8)

Atlantic (4)

What if my region doesn’t have an ANQ?

If your region does not have an ANQ, you can ride ANQs in as many regions and classes as you like and then pick the results that give you the best entry position. Better yet, sign up today! The earlier you register, the better your odds of receiving a gate position once the ANQ series is complete.

If your qualifier series position is lower than your region’s allocated positions, you may still get a starting position based on riders that qualified in your region but did not enter the GNC. If other regions’ entries do not fill their allocated positions, these will be filled based on the date an entry is received.

I’ve heard of Waitlist Entries (also called Standby Entries or Alternates) – what are they?

When the gate is full for a given class, we maintain a list of riders who want to ride in that particular class. If cancellations or no-shows occur, the gate will be filled from the waitlist in the order entries are ranked.

How does the Waitlist work?

All riders must register using the Waitlist Option on the registration page. Waitlist entries are time-stamped and allocated to each class based on the date and time of registration. Waitlist spots are not distributed based on a personal relationship, a sponsor relationship or a meaningful story. If you register for a Waitlist position in a specific class and you do not receive a gate position for that class after the hot lap of the first moto, your fees are refunded without penalty.

At no point in time do we call people to tell them to register for a class because it is filling up. We do not show preferential treatment to any single rider, regardless of personal or professional affiliation.

What else do I need to know?

Confirmations will be emailed after the completion of regional qualifiers and the compilation of national results. After that, confirmations will be sent out bi-weekly on an as-received basis. The order of preference for first moto gate position, resolution of number conflicts and the order of standby entries are determined by qualifier position and date of entry. Your confirmation email letter should be available at sign-in if there are any problems with registration, so hang on to it.

Western Amateur National Championships (WCAN)
Whispering, BC
June 3-4, 2022
Kamloops, BC

Eastern Amateur National Championships (ECAN)
Deschambault, QC
July 28-30 .2022

***WCAN and ECAN are not limited entry events

Regional ANQ Event Schedule

BC – GNC Allocation (6)
Contact: Future West Moto

Alberta GNC Allocation (6)
Contact: Alberta Dirt Riders

Saskatchewan GNC Allocation (3)
Contact:  Saskatchewan Motorsport Association

Manitoba – GNC Allocation (3)

Northwestern Ontario – GNC Allocation (2)
Contact:  Superior Dirt Riders

South Western/Eastern Ontario – GNC Allocation (10)
Contact: Amateur Motocross Ontario

Quebec – GNC Allocation (8)
Contact: Challenge Quebec Motocross

Atlantic – GNC Allocation (4)
Contact: Atlantic Motocross

2022 TransCan Classes
50cc 4-6
50cc 7-8
50cc GP
65cc 7-9
65cc 10-11
65cc GP
85cc 7-11
85cc 12-16
Supermini 9-16
Schoolboy 1 – 12-17
Schoolboy 2 – 12-17
250 Junior
Open Junior
Two Stroke
250 Intermediate
Open Intermediate
Youth Beginner/Junior/Intermediate
Girls 9-16 (65, 85, CRF150, SUPERMINI)
Vet 30B*
Vet 30C*
Vet 40A*
Vet 40B
Vet 50

*Split Class, 42 combined limited entry
**Non-championship class, introductory only.

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