Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 9-12 & Sunday Pro National August 13 2023

2021 Walton TransCan

All Things Walton TransCan Update July 30

The countdown is on until the gates open for the 29th annual Walton TransCan GNC. Here is a bit of information prior to that time:


All riders who have received an ANQ position and entered to race the TransCan successfully (no waitlist) prior to July 15th have secured their respective gate positions and classes – CONGRATULATIONS! If you successfully signed up for your qualified classes after July 15th, your gate position is based on the order of entry.

All riders who have not received an ANQ position but have entered to race the TransCan successfully (no waitlist) have secured their gate position and classes based on the order of entry.

If you raced an ANQ series and qualified but did not enter your desired class prior to July 15th, your gate position has not been held. Gate positions are only secured up to July 15th (in a normal, non-COVID year this date is June 24th). If you have not registered for your class but intend to race the event, please sign-up today!

All riders who have registered for the TransCan successfully (no waitlist) but have not secured their gate position/class have been notified via telephone and we have spoken with them directly – if you have not heard from us, we will see you on the starting line!


How does the Waitlist work? All riders must register using the Waitlist Option on the registration page. Waitlist entries are time-stamped and allocated to each class based on the date and time of registration. Waitlist spots are not distributed based on a personal relationship, a sponsor relationship or a meaningful story. If you register for a Waitlist position in a specific class and you do not receive a gate position for that class after the hot lap of the first moto, your fees are refunded without penalty.

At no point in time do we call people to tell them to register for a class because it is filling up. We do not show preferential treatment to any single rider, regardless of personal or professional affiliation.

Currently, there are four classes with waitlists:


250 Junior

Open Junior

Youth Beginner/Junior/Intermediate

The following classes are close to filling:

85cc 12-16

Schoolboy 1

Schoolboy 2

Plus 40B

If you progress off of the Waitlist, we will contact you immediately via telephone and email with a generous deadline to respond. Updates will only be provided at that time.


Keep an eye out for our next email that will have our race schedule and social schedule contained within!

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Walton TransCan GNC will offer a 30C and 30B due to growing interest. Base rules for understanding what class the rider falls into:

With it being a late addition there are NO official sanctioned rules to guide this class split. These will be developed in conversation with various groups like MRC and AMO during the off-season and prior to the start of the 2022 season.

As of right now, it will be a split start (similar to how we introduced +40A/B).

To race 30C

– Cannot have ever raced Pro.

– Cannot have ridden at the Intermediate level in 10 years of the current year.

– Cannot have ever placed in the top 5 of 30B/Vet Junior.

– Cannot have dreamt their entire life to be C champion.



– Cannot have ridden at a Pro National level within 5 years of the current year.



– Cannot have ridden at the Pro Level in 15 years of the current year.

– Cannot have ridden at the Intermediate level in 10 years of the current year.

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Spread the news to your friends and family – they can save money and support the Pro Riders in the Canadian Triple Crown Series at the TransCan!

Walton TransCan Grand National Championship Motocross is only a few weeks away! If you want to support riders and save money use the rider promo codes to buy your Walton WEEKEND PASS. A weekend pass covers Friday (Amateur), Saturday (Amateur) and Sunday (Pro).

YOU save $5.00 and the rider receives $10.00 from every ticket that uses their code. Save money, support racing and check out a great event August 13-15!

Promo codes are easy. It is the rider’s initials and number. For example, Dylan Wright (DW1), Marshal Weltin (MW2), Cole Thompson (CT16), Tanner Ward (TW84). These codes are available for the top 20 in each class.

It’s easy to do, and it supports our sport and supports our riders!

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Don’t miss out on GDR’s motocross camp next week to get yourself ready for Walton TransCan Grand National Championship!

The 4-day camp runs on August 3-4-5-6 and the class will be split into groups based on bike size. We will utilize our brand new GP track which is not open to the public yet and features clay soil along with our GDR test track which is also not open to the public! Our GDR team will be training the riders on and off the track, come learn from the best!


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