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Walton TransCan 2021

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

2021 Walton TransCan Grand National Motocross Championship

All things Walton Update 3

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Walton Raceway Update #3

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Walton Raceway will offer instruction, training and bike rentals in 2021! From the very beginners to top racers, our instructors, led by our house Pro Dylan Kaelin, will help you improve your riding skills to reach the next level of excellence!
Dylan Kaelin is a USMCA certified coach and started Tracks & Training with the sole focus of sharing his personal knowledge of the motorcycle industry to help grow the sport across North America. Dylan started riding at the age of 3, and quickly developed into a national contender. By 2009 he made his Pro debut with the CMRC MX Pro National Series, but after an injury-riddled career, he stepped away from racing full time in 2015.

“My pursuit with Tracks & Training is to take the knowledge I have gained from the diverse range of motocross trainers that I was fortunate enough to work with during my racing career and pass it down to the next generation of Motocross riders! After my racing career, I was able to dive into the testing and development side of the industry with none other than Kris Keefer. Additionally, I spent 2.5 years working with KTM Canada and was able to expand my knowledge even further within the motorcycle industry. My focus is to bundle all of my knowledge of the motorcycle industry and pass it down to my clients. Our philosophy is to coach modern-day riding techniques, proper use of the motorcycle’s controls and the rider themselves in a positive atmosphere! Awareness-> Execution-> Performance. Rider safety & confidence is the main focus behind T & T. “


MX Clinic Advanced/Pro

Elite level training for the serious motocross athlete! Our focus is to find small improvements with the rider’s technique, line selection & bike set up. The end goal is to find more confidence and consistency for the rider. This is a game of 10ths of a second per lap to decrease the rider’s 30+2 elapsed time. We focus on finding a balanced setup on the motorcycle, body positioning, race-craft & mental coaching. These courses will be limited to 6 riders per session to ensure each rider gets the focus they need to improve. See the website for dates and availability.

MX Clinic Novice

Our novice course is tailored to the everyday racer who wants to improve their riding ability on the motorcycle. Basic tech tips, paired with modern riding techniques will translate into a safer, smarter and faster racer! In this course, you can expect isolation drills, starts, jumping, cornering, braking, line selection and bike setup support. This course is targeted at 85 through junior level racers. See the website for dates and availability.

MX Clinic Mini

Our mini-bike classes are focused on 50cc-Novice 85 riders. Expect this class to be a fun and positive learning atmosphere. The goal is to simplify our coaching approach for the young riders. To achieve this you can expect isolation drills, front & rear brake drills, standing, figure 8’s, wheelie & stoppie practice, sections, body positioning, line selection for small bikes, starts and of course lots of high fives! See the website for dates and availability.

1-Day Race Camp

June 18th, 8:00am – 4:00pm (AMO Race Weekend)

The full meal deal! Our 1-day race camp is for any racer who is looking to improve their entire game, on and off the track. We will be offering a 1 hour Q & A regarding fitness, diet and lifestyle away from the track, a track walk to explain line choices and how to adapt as the track develops, 3 Hours of ON the bike training that will cover starts, sections and race simulation scenarios. We will finish the day off with a 1-2 hour tech tip seminar with Scott Donkersgood from Dialed MX to pass along his diverse knowledge in how to set up a motorcycle and properly prepare for a race weekend!

TransCan Prep Camp

July 20-22, 8:00am – 4:00pm daily Registration Opens April 15th

Are you all in? Do you wake up every morning frustrated with your results from last year’s TransCan? IS THIS YOUR YEAR TO GET ON THE PODIUM? Then look no further! Our Walton TransCan Prep camp will be a rigorous, yet fun and positive 3-day training camp. Our goal is to create friendly competition within the camp to push the riders all in a safe and controlled environment. Sessions include:

– Race simulation practice

– Sections

– Off the bike training

– Proper set-up for the motorcycle

– 2-hour Motorcycle Preparation Seminar with Scott Donkersgood

– Riding techniques

– Mental coaching

– Nutrition support

– After-hours group activities

– Review and study of old Walton races

– Starts, Starts, Starts

– Sprints

– Goal setting

Wheelie Wednesday Registration opens April 15th

Join us for two separate five-week sessions of Wednesday night motos at Walton Raceway!

Wheelie Wednesday weekly lessons are targeted at Yamaha TTR, Honda CRF, Kawasaki KLX or any trail bikes to learn the fundamentals and love of off-road riding. The nights will consist of 2 separate programs in a five-week course. Training, riding and experiences! Bike rentals and gear rentals can be arranged.

Wheelie Wednesday riding programs are for beginner to experienced students, ages 7 and up and not the competitive racer. These camps focus on teaching novice riders with a strong emphasis on safety and riding skills. Riding lessons are tailored specifically for each rider to advance their riding skills. Instructors and students work together to accomplish individualized riding goals. See the website for dates and availability.

The Road to Walton starts today.⁠

Entries are open for the 2021 Walton TransCan Amateur Grand National Championship and we already have some big names joining us this August. Join us in Walton as we add another chapter to the Canadian motocross history books and crown champions for our 29th year! ⁠

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About Walton Raceway

Walton Raceway is located in Huron Country on Ontario’s West Coast. The address of the facility is 42932 Walton Road in Walton, Ontario, Canada. Walton Raceway was opened in 1971 and is one the longest-running and most prestigious Motocross facilities within Canada.

About The TransCan

In 1992, the TransCan was created as Walton Raceway would hold an annual event drawing on all the best things in the sport, an annual coming together for bragging rights, a celebration of Canadian Motocross. The TransCan was built from a great natural track, strong community support, accessibility and support from the Industry. The emphasis was to be real outdoor style motocross, highly competitive with lots of extracurricular attractions and opportunities for the best Canadian racers in all age classes to compete against each other for a Canadian Amateur and Pro Motocross Championship.

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