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Walton TransCan 2021

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

Rick Joseph Memorial Award

Rick Joseph Memorial Award

The Rick Joseph Memorial Award is an annual award presented at the Walton TransCan to recognize the character, achievements and potential of riders in the Intermediate class.

Rick Joseph Jr. first came to our attention during the mid ‘80s when he, like most of us, was struggling to learn the basic skills required to survive as a beginner. He and his family and friends were regulars on Saturdays for ‘house league’ motocross events at Hully Gully. His enthusiasm for the sport was obvious despite a normally shy personality.

His commitment became increasingly obvious as he honed his talent to raise his level of achievement. Against a strong contingent which included riders such as Chris Pomeroy and Brad Lockhart, Rick was gaining strength and recognition. To further challenge himself he also competed in the USA and it was at the Mini Olympics in Gainesville, Florida that he suffered an injury that ultimately claimed his life in the fall of 1989.

Richard and Ellie Joseph, his parents, maintained their connections with the sport and c competing in the +40 and ladies classes. Each year they have posted a $300 cash award for presentation at the Walton TransCan. Eligible riders are limited to residents of Canada and cannot repeat. A committee of independent observers submit nominations based on their evaluation from several different criteria based on the whole season. The criteria recognizes the difficulty most riders have in making the transition to pro class racing and attempts to evaluate the strength of character, sportsmanship, self discipline and personality in addition to ability and results which should make this a successful transition. 

1991 Mark Booker, ON
1992 Terry Rothmaier, ON
1993 Brett Lee, ON
1994 Jeff Coles, ON
1995 Jess Webster, ON
1996 Chuck Mesley, ON
1997 Joel Rickert, ON
1998 Michael Island, ON
1999 Ian Hayden / Chris Tyndall, ON
2000 Dan Rounding, ON
2001 Kyle Keast, ON
2002 Bobby Thompson, ON
2003 Tyler Medaglia, ON
2004 Lee Gulliver, ON
2005 Kyle Ferguson, ON
2006 Kyle Stephens, ON
2007 Jeremy Medaglia, ON
2008 Kurtis Ritchie, ON
2009 Dylan Kaelin, ON
2010 Richard Grey, ON
2011 Drew Roberts, ON
2012 Matthew Davenport, AB
2013 Tyler Duffy, ON
2014 Konnor Long, NS
2015 Kyle Biro, SK
2016 Casey Keast, BC
2018 Jake Tricco, ON
2019 Keenan Peterson, ON
2020 Ryder McNabb, MB


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