Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

All Transcan Special Award Winners

Yamaha’s popular bLU cRU Factory Ride Award returns 2018

May 24, 2018 (Toronto, ON) – Yamaha Motor Canada has announced that its popular bLU cRU Factory Ride Award will once again be available to aspiring amateur racers at two of the biggest amateur motocross events in all of Canada during the 2018 racing season.

Yamaha Motor Canada “Factory Ride”

First introduced in 2011, the bLU cRU Factory Ride Award grants one lucky racer the use of a YZ motorcycle for the 2019 racing season. Also included in the prize are a $2,500 parts credit and a customized graphics kit from LimeNine.
The 2018 bLU cRU Factory Ride Award will be available to amateur Yamaha racers competing on a YZ motorcycle at the Eastern Amateur Grand National (Deschambault, QC) on August 2-5 and the Walton TransCan Grand National Championship (Walton, ON) on August 14-18.

“As we continue to build our bLU cRU racing program in Canada, the MX Factory Ride Award remains a vital piece of the equation,” said Graeme Jones, marketing coordinator at Yamaha Motor Canada. “Yamaha is pleased to reward young, ambitious racers for their hard work with a new, reliable YZ and a parts credit as they take their careers to the next level.”

How Do You Win?
Of all the Yamaha riders at each event, the winning rider must attain the most cumulative points for their finishes.
The Rules
• Contest open only to amateur Yamaha riders.
• Winner must be a resident of Canada.
• Winner’s Yamaha must be a Canadian-purchased unit.
• Winner cannot be an employee of Yamaha Motor Canada or one of its dealerships.
• Winner is only eligible for one prize (cannot win at multiple events).

TransCan GNC 2017 promises to be the biggest and baddest ever

 Post-Entry Deadline Is July 31

After June 23rd entries for the Canadian Amateur Grand National Championship are taken on an as received basis IF there are still gate positions available, otherwise they are added to the standby list. More here

Don’t miss this video – TransCan Giants

Just Twist It, Matt Popp, and Allan Thompson laboured to capture the 2016 TransCan GNC under the worst possible weather conditions …. and did a magnificent job. Narrated by GuaranteedMx’s editor Ryan Gauld and edited with tireless dedication this video follows several families from one side of Canada to the other as they lived the week and their own ‘Walton experience’. View it here

Breaking News – Yamaha bLU cRU’ Factory Ride Award for 2017

“The bLU cRU Factory Ride Award is a great way to support amateur racing in Canada. It gives the athletes what is needed to reach their goals with a new reliable YZ and a parts credit to get them through a tough race season.” Bryan Hudgin, Yamaha’s Race Director. Read more here

2017 ANQ qualifier schedule

Before the gate drops for the first moto in your region, make sure you are aware of the qualifying events and the TransCan pre-entry procedure. Read more here

Canadian racers gain international recognition with FIM North America affiliation in 2017

“Walton Raceway is thrilled to elevate the Parts Canada TransCan Grand National Motocross to the CMA National Championship and FIM North America Continental Cup level. FIM is the highest honour in motocross. From Supercross to MXGP and the Motocross of Nations, they are the elite events of the world. ” Read more here

Feature Videos

2016 Canadian National Pro OpenKavenBenoit

Kaven Benoit is the Pro Superfinal winner and earned the coveted  title ‘King of Walton’ and the sword to prove it!

  1. Kaven Benoit
  2. Brad Nauditt
  3. Joey Crown
  4. Shawn Maffenbeier
  5. Dylan Wright

2016 GNC Special Award Winners

2016 Canadian Amateur Grand National Champions join the Hall of Fame

  For full results and timing data click here

2016 MX Nationals Race Reports

Guaranteed MX
Direct Motocross
FXR Racing Media
The Canadian Moto Show
Motocross Performance Magazine
Summer Denzler Photography
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Special Awards

Alpinestars Bronze Boot

15_walton_jl_5621 - Copy

2015 Bronze Boot Winner Nick Denniston

The  Alpinestar Bronze Boot is an annual award presented to the best all round amateur rider with the most points in the Junior or Intermediate Classes for the week of the Parts Canada TransCan Canada Amateur Motocross Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway.

Past Bronze Boot Winners
  • 1998 Justin Thompson Ontario
  • 1999 Kaven Gregiore Quebec
  • 2000 Zeb Dennis Ontario
  • 2001 Peter Raymer Ontario
  • 2002 Trevor Hall Ontario
  • 2003 Tyler Medaglia Ontario
  • 2004 Adam Deakon Ontario
  • 2005 Kyle Stephens Ontario
  • 2006 Nathan Slater Atlantic
  • 2007 Dylan Kaelin Ontario
  • 2008 Richard Grey Ontario
  • 2009 Alex Laliberte Quebec
  • 2010 Bradley Dool Ontario
  • 2011 Taylor Arsenault Ontario
  • 2012 Scott Cameron Ontario
  • 2013 Dylan Wright Ontario
  • 2014 Mackenzie Machan Ontario
  • 2015 Nick Denniston Ontario
  • 2016 Nicolas Cryer, Ontario

Dunlop Top Mini Rider

The Dunlop Top Mini Rider Award is an annual award presented to the best all round Mini Racer with the most points in the 65cc, 85cc and Supermini Classes for the week of the Parts Canada TransCan Canada Amateur Motocross Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway.

  • 2013 Jacob Piccolo BC
  • 2014 Tanner Ward
  • 2015 Preston Masciangelo
  • 2016 Preston Masciangelo

Rick Joseph Memorial Award

The Rick Joseph Memorial Award is an annual award presented at the Parts Canada TransCan to recognize the character, achievements and potential of riders in the Intermediate class.

Rick Joseph Jr. first came to our attention during the mid ’80s when he, like most of us was struggling to learn the basic skills required to survive as a beginner. He and his family and friends were regular Saturdays for ‘house league’ motocross events at Hully Gully. His enthusiasm for the sport was obvious despite a normally shy personality.

His commitment became increasingly obvious as he honed his talent to raise his level of achievement. Against a strong contingent which included riders such as Chris Pomeroy and Brad Lockhart, Rick was gaining strength and recognition. To further challenge himself he also competed in the USA and it was at the Mini Olympics at Gainesville Florida that he suffered an injury that ultimately claimed his life in the fall of 1989.

Richard and Ellie Joseph, his parents, have maintained their connections with the sport and can be seen on competing in the +40 and ladies classes. Each year they have posted a $300 cash award for presentation at the Walton event. In addition the recipients receive a plaque embossed with a graphic taken from a picture of Rick which appeared in Motocross Action capturing Rick getting the holeshot at Gainesville Mini O’s in the 250B class. Eligible riders are limited to residents of Canada and cannot repeat. A committee of independent observers submit nominations from their evaluation of a number of criteria looking at the whole season.The criteria recognize the difficulty most riders have in making the transition to pro class racing and attempts to evaluate the strength of character, sportsmanship, self discipline and personality in addition to ability and results which should make this a successful transition

Past Winners
  • 1991 Mark Booker
  • 1992 Terry Rothmaier
  • 1993 Brett Lee
  • 1994 Jeff Coles
  • 1995 Jess Webster
  • 1996 Chuck Mesley
  • 1997 Joel Rickert
  • 1998 Michael Island
  • 1999 Ian Hayden / Chris Tyndall
  • 2000 Dan Rounding
  • 2001 Kyle Keast
  • 2002 Bobby Thompson
  • 2003 Tyler Medaglia
  • 2004 Lee Gulliver
  • 2005 Kyle Ferguson
  • 2006 Kyle Stephens
  • 2007 Jeremy Medaglia
  • 2008 Kurtis Ritchie
  • 2009 Dylan Kaelin
  • 2010 Richard Grey
  • 2011 Drew Roberts
  • 2012 Matthew Davenport
  • 2013 Tyler Duffy
  • 2014 Konnor Long
  • 2015 Kyle Biro
  • 2016 Casey Keast

Yamaha Factory Ride Award

Yamaha Motor Canada "Factory Ride"

Yamaha Motor Canada “Factory Ride” Winner Marco Canella

Yamaha Motor Canada will offer a “Factory Ride” sponsorship to a deserving Amateur Yamaha rider at the upcoming 2016 Parts Canada TransCan, Canadian Amateur Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway, August 17-21.2016.  The “Factory Ride” sponsorship will go to the Yamaha rider who scores the most points in their respective classes.

  • 2011 RJ Marnoch
  • 2012 Steven Anderson/Tanner Ward
  • 2013 Dylan Wright
  • 2014 Marco Canella
  • 2015 Marco Canella
  • 2016 Marco Canella

GPF/ Scott Sports Recovery Award

The rider (in any class) that starts off their week at Parts Canada TransCan with a bad moto, but recovers to finish well in their remaining motos.  This award is open to any rider participating in the Parts Canada TransCan Grand National Championships.

  • 2009 Kade Walker
  • 2010 Michael Dasilva
  • 2011 Matthew Davenport
  • 2012 Dain Gourgon
  • 2013 Jean-Christophe Bujold
  • 2014 Eve Brodeur
  • 2015 Kyle Potter
  • 2016 Jesse Kirchmeyer

Dan Pelletier Memorial Award

This award is presented to the Mother or Father of a Parts Canada TransCan Grand National Championships participant that exemplifies the same hard work and dedication that Dan showed to his kids.

  • 2007 Craig Randall
  • 2008 Gary Locken
  • 2010 Rick Ammoyette
  • 2011 George Jones
  • 2012 Mark Christopher
  • 2013 Stephan Watling
  • 2014 Alfons Bles
  • 2015 Judy Burch
  • 2016 Wilkinson

DMX Total Devotion Award

The Directmotocross.com Total Devotion award focus’s on the rider at Parts Canada TransCan that shows the ability to overcome adversity and shows total devotion to the sport of motocross on and off the track.

  • 2005 Davey Fraser
  • 2006 Ryan Millar
  • 2007 Kyle McGlynn
  • 2008 Zach Heydeman
  • 2009 Nathan Bles
  • 2011 Ty Shemko
  • 2012 Dylan Wright
  • 2013 Dallas Robertson
  • 2014 Corey Sullivan
  • 2015 Dan Tricco
  • 2016 Tanner Ward

Wiseco Performance Most Improved Award

This award goes to the rider that is simply the most improved from the previous year. The most improved rider never gives up and works hard to achieve his or her goals.

  • 2009 Denaye Giroux
  • 2010 Nicky Beatty
  • 2011 Jess Pettis
  • 2012 Sam Gaynor
  • 2013 Renee Reindeau
  • 2014 Mackenzie Machan
  • 2015 Nathan Cryer
  • 2016 Bradley Mansfield

Manufacturer’s Cup Award

This award goes to the Manufacture with the highest accumulated points drawn from the top 5 overall in each TransCan class.

  • 2011 KTM
  • 2012 KTM
  • 2013 KTM
  • 2014 KTM
  • 2015 Yamaha
  • 2016 Yamaha

Scott Sports Golden Goggle Award

Presented to the racer who most dominates their class during the event

  • 2016 Kennedy Lutz