2022 Walton TransCan Grand National Championship header image

Walton TransCan 2021

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan


“Exceptional effort ….exceptional staff ….beyond belief.”

Thank You Walton ..! Exceptional effort ....exceptional staff .... effort to make track rideable was beyond belief.. you made it happen..... no other force has been able to retract what Mother Nature did.......like you guys did this year ! Wow ! I am a long timer...I have seen the worst weather...I have seen the best

Can’t wait til 2015!

“@directmx: 2014 Parts Canada TransCan Slideshow http://t.co/eTTmmFWhjD” Can't wait til 2015! Thanks all who support Canadian Amateur MX. — Shannon Brown (@brown_sy) September 26, 2014

Dakota Yaskow #786 had a great week

It was our families first time to Walton what a terrific week we had. Dakota Yaskow #786 had a great week in 85 12-16. Supermini didn't work it with dive bike issues regular ups and downs with MX. We will see you for next year. Thank you to everyone who helped put it on. And