2021 Walton TransCan Grand National Championship header image

Walton TransCan 2021

Amateur GNC August 11-14 & Sunday Pro National August 15 2021

2021 Walton TransCan

Participant Deadlines and Entry fees

Make sure those ANQ results count ..

Here is the step by step process that the event staff use to determine if you make it into the Walton Grand National Championships. This is a limited entry event. The following applies up to the point at which 42 entries per class have been received.

Riders ranked outside available gate positions will be on a standby list and advanced to a starting position in order of rank if/when higher ranked entries drop out.





July 15th

  • Must have ridden ANQ in the class entered for purposes of ranking
  • Ranked on ANQ Results, then by Date of Registration
  • Must enter no later than July 15th (June 24th non covid years)
  $95 (+HST) Enter ANYTIME prior to ANQs

Post Entry

  • Ranked on the date received
  • Must enter no later than August 6th before GNC online gateway closes.
  • added to the entry list in as-received order.

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Late Post Entry

  • Entered at the event if a gate position is available

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Refund procedure can be found here .

Deadline:  July 15, 2021
March 12th – June 30th: n/a, 100% refund less processing fees
July 1st – July 15th: $30 per entry charge plus processing fees
NO REFUNDS AFTER July 15, 2021, unless on standby and a gate position is not available.

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