Walton Raceway
CMR Motosport Racing Canada

Amateur GNC August 13-16 & Saturday August 17 Pro National

Entry Refunds

Request for Refund for 2017 Entries

If you entered through Trackside and paid via PayPal just log into your Trackside account and cancel your entry there. Refunds will be credited to your PayPal account.

This form is only for participants who did NOT enter and pay through Trackside.

Email directly to brett@motocrosscanada.ca

For security reasons a written request for refund must be submitted. Following is a checklist  of information which must be Confirmed before refunds are issued.

  • Deadline for refund request July 31, 2017
  • Complete one request for refund for each class
  • Administrative deductions:
  • Before July 1st       $0 per entry
  • After July 1st       $30 per entry
  • NO REFUNDS AFTER JULY 31, 2017, unless on standby and a gate position is not available.

Date: ______________  Rider Name: ___________________________________________

Class: _________________________________ Entry ID (if available): ________________

Reason for refund:




Ensure that staff can confirm the following information:

For office use:

  • written request submitted yes / no
  • did the rider enter the class(es) requested yes / no
  • how did the rider enter online / mail / courier / at event
  • was payment transferred to another entry yes / no
  • how was payment recorded Paypal / money order / check / cash
  • if paid by cheque did it clear the bank OK yes / no
  • the amount of original payment
  • refund request reviewed and approved  yes / no
  • Paypal paid entries refunded  yes / no
  • cheque payments issued  yes / no

Net amount refunded: _______________  Approved by: ____________________