Walton TransCan 2021

2021 Walton TransCan Grand National Championship

Amateur GNC August 11-14 & Sunday Pro National August 15 2021

2021 Walton TransCan

ANQs , new classes and more for 2018

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Riders are encouraged to participate in at least one Amateur National Qualifier event (ANQ) in order to pre-enter. Entry priority is determined by Regional ANQ Series Results and Regional Entry Allocation.  The Walton TransCan is a limited entry event. There are 42 gate positions available for each class. In addition, standby positions are assigned to participate

Husqvarna Motorcycles Announces Details for 2021 Contingency Support Program 

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Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada is pleased to announce details for its 2021 Contingency Support Program, offering competitive earnings for amateur and professional motocross and offroad/ enduro racers in Canada. Competition is the essence of riding motorcycles and as pioneers of the sport, Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to offer an elite program that awards both amateur and

#RoadtoWalton Week Five – This is real. #Roadtowalton

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Fun reminder...If you are training, regardless of age and if you are racing or not,  share your journey. ,make sure to tag @waltonraceway and use the hashtag #roadtowalton. Email us a blog--- Brett@motocrosscanada.ca . We want to share your story! Blog 3 -Ryan Gauld Instagram @guaranteedmx The Wafer Road to Walton I will start this

Week Four – We are doing this. #Roadtowalton

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What"s up with the blogs you ask? They are two fold. One is it a cool story that shares the journey and maybe inspires some of you. It is also one of the #roadtowalton accountability checks. You can not go missing when you got a blog due!! There is no rules, no limits, no expectations

Week Three – Party Platters and lettuce burgers. #Roadtowalton

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If you are training, regardless of age and if you are racing or not,  share your journey. ,make sure to tag @waltonraceway and use the hashtag #roadtowalton. We want to share your story! Blog 2 -Ryan Lockhart Week 3 Doing this a day early since we are starting to move warehouses tomorrow and won’t have

#RoadtoWalton Week 2 – 28 To go.

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Note: These Blogs will change. Not minimum, maximum number words, no real rules other then do it!  Blog 1 -Brett Lee Week 2 First Blog   This for me is my first blog. I want to go into the story before I go into anything else. The inspiration for this is two fold. We have

Canadian Amateur Championship

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