Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

How to Qualify

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The Canadian Motorsport Racing Club (CMRC) is broken down into 11 regions. Each region has a select number of guaranteed gate positions, for a total of 42 riders across Canada. Riders who achieve a position equal to or better than these guaranteed gates in the Amateur National Qualifier series, will have successfully qualified for the Wiseco Amateur Grand National Championship.

For example – a rider competing in the Manitoba regional Amateur National Qualifiers who finishes 3rd in the ANQ series is guaranteed a gate position at the GNC providing he/she/it enters on time following the entry procedure.

Here is a list of regions and the number of gates available:

  1. Atlantic [4]
  2. Northern Ontario [1]
  3. Vancouver Island [2]
  4. Quebec [7]
  5. South Western Ontario [11]
  6. Saskatchewan [2]
  7. Eastern Ontario [3]
  8. Alberta [6]
  9. Manitoba [3]
  10. BC Mainland [2]
  11. Central Ontario [1]

Total regions: 11, total gates 42.

The ranking process will determine your gate pick (position on the gate for your first moto). It will also either confirm you or place you on standby depending on the conditions you have met.

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