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It’s all about exposure: Getting press as a TransCan Grand National Championship rider

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You’ve qualified for the Parts Canada TransCan Grand National Championship and now it’s time to spread the word! Sure the Twitter-sphere and your growing pool of Facebook friends already know but your sponsors (and your family) will want to see your name in print! That means reaching out to your local newspaper now and staying in touch during the race.

Below you’ll find a ready-to-use press release that can help you connect with your local sports reporter. Just fill in the blanks, don’t forget to spell check and give the newspaper the 411 on your TransCan dreams.

Use the tips below to help get your story published:

1. Fill in the attached press release and be sure to include your key contact information: Name, hometown, age, sponsors and MOST IMPORTANTLY your contact info before and during the race. If it’s best to reach you via cell phone or email address, make sure the reporter knows that. Better yet, ask for their email address and get permission to send updates throughout the race. The easier you make it for them, the better.

2. Contact the newspaper ahead of time and ask for the Sports Desk. Introduce yourself and ask who on staff handles motorsports stories. Get contact information for the sports reporter and forward your completed press release. Follow this up with a visit if you can. It’s much easier to ignore an email than a young, eager motocross star in your office.

3. Round up two current high-resolution photos of yourself: An action shot and a current headshot. You want these to be the very best photos you have, and they cannot be the low-resolution shots you post on Facebook. Take the time to either scan your print (or have it scanned at a copy centre and saved on a DVD or CD) or find the largest file from your digital camera. Ask the reporter if you can email the high-resolution photos or drop them off. If the paper wants to photograph you, make time!

4. Don’t be shy. Chances are the reporter will be more interested in your story if the know all about you and your family. Tell them about the hard work you’ve put in to getting to Walton. Talk about your goals and your dreams. Tell the reporter what you love about racing, about the sport and how proud you are to be going to the TransCan. The more they understand the better! Once they know and love you, they’ll definitely want to follow your results this August. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself.

5. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Self-promotion doesn’t come easy. You may be nervous making that first call but once you’ve introduced yourself, your local sports reporter will be excited to follow your progress too. Try not to give one-word answers and don’t be afraid to follow up later about things you’ve forgotten or need to correct.

Go ahead, get started today. The TransCan is coming quick and you can help your community celebrate with you! Get the word out, sell yourself and be proud. Do it for yourself, your family, your friends and your sponsors.

The guide above can be downloaded here

The template below can be downloaded here


Local Racer Earns Spot at Parts Canada TransCan Grand National Motocross Championship

Walton, Ontario. – (Hometown)’s (First and Last Name) just made his/her motocross dream come true. The XX-year-old dirt bike racer has qualified for the largest amateur motocross race in Canada, the 21st Annual Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway. (Last Name) took on the best in Canada to earn a coveted qualifying spot at the TransCan.
“The Walton TransCan Grand National is a week long festival of fun and excitement,” said Walton Raceway’s Chris Lee. “This annual Celebration of Motocross brings over 1,000 riders and their families across borders and across the country to compete for Canada’s most prestigious motocross awards.”

Many of Canada’s top professional racers started out as amateur competitors at the TransCan. Past amateur winners include Dusty Klatt, Marco Dubé, Colton Facciotti, Darcy Lange, Tyler Medaglia, Jeremy Medaglia, Kyle Beaton, Cole Thompson and Heidi Cooke. Many prominent American racers have also made the trip north to compete including Travis Pastrana, Josh Woods, Bobby Kiniry, Jason Lawrence, Randy Valade and Sarah Whitmore.

(Last Name) has been riding since he/she was XX years old. With the help of sponsors such as (List Major Sponsors) who help pay his/her way to the races, (Last Name) has had the opportunity to pursue his/her dreams. He/She has won XX races in the last XX years and competes nearly every weekend at (Local Track and its Location).

(Last Name) will make the long journey to Walton along with his/her (List Relatives/Friends). The race runs from August 15 to 19, 2012.

The Walton event is in its 21st year and has earned a reputation as the premiere amateur motocross event in Canada. With four days of amateur racing, the TransCan concludes with the final round of the CMRC Nationals where amateur racers can watch the best in the business compete for the Canadian championship in the MX1 and MX2 classes.

The week long celebration of motocross offers many family-focused activities including a Friday night concert with country artist Jason Blaine, a track-building contest for kids, bingo, a pit party with the Nation’s top pros, and an on-site bicycle pump track and mountain bike trail network.

To follow (LAST NAME)’s results at the Parts Canada TransCan, visit www.waltontranscan.ca or follow @(YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT HERE).


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