Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

Keeping You Safe – Guides, Rules and Regulations.


Here are just some of the facility details and  information to keep you safe!

Ready to Re-Open: While we have been operational since May, we participated in Huron County Economic Development‘s Ready to Re-Open Huron webinar in an effort to ensure we are employing the most up-to-date best practices available to us.

We’ve navigated some difficult waters being included in the Stage 1 Framework for businesses that could reopen earlier on, but we recognize that consumer confidence is our greatest asset right now! This webinar was not only informative with a great variety of knowledgeable contributors, but it also featured a Q&A at the end which helped to address any additional questions that remained.

Whether you’re already open or you’re THIS close to opening with Stage 3, this is a great asset to have in your COVID-19 preparedness bank!

SOCIAL DISTANCING:  Everyone in your group must not leave your pit area unless they are watching their rider practice or using the portable washrooms.  You must maintain 6 feet of distancing between yourself and all other attendees not in your group at all times. Failure to abide by these rules may result in eviction from the property without a refund at the discretion of the facility staff.

Vehicles attempting to enter onto the property without a rider registered will not be permitted to enter.  All registration must be completed and waivers signed prior to arriving at Walton Raceway.

MASKS:  Masks must be worn at all times when social distancing cannot be maintained.  Please note,  only mechanics and riders will be permitted to enter the staging area.  All mechanics must wear a mask at all times while in staging.

In our community of Huron County please know that you must have face coverings when visiting any of the wonderful business in our area.

Starting July 17, face coverings are required to be worn at businesses in Huron and Perth counties.

The instructions issued by Dr. Miriam Klassen, the area’s Medical Officer of Health, state that business owners-must implement the policy for everyone entering commercial establishments.

“These additional instructions for commercial establishments that are open to the public build upon the diligent work many are already doing to ensure physical distancing and hand sanitizers,” said Dr. Klassen in a news release. “Face coverings are extra protection to prevent COVID-19 spread, they also send a message that the wearer wants to protect others.”

RACING: Make sure you are following all the Motosport Racing Canada (MRC) safety guidelines. Click HERE

If you are racing PRO click HERE for additional series safety guidelines.

CAMPING:  The gates close at 8:30pm both Friday and Saturday night.  If you have missed the gate cut-off, please park to the right-hand side of the laneway far enough back to accommodate for the gates opening.  Do not block the laneway of the house.

All persons staying at your campsite must be named in your online registration with contact information provided.

PARKING:  There are over 75 acres of pit space to spread everyone out, please respect the parking staff at all times.   ALL VEHICLES AND RVS must be 25-feet apart, minimum, in pits. All camping trailers must NOT have awnings facing each other. This follows all social distancing protocols.

  • If you bring an EZ-Up it MUST go behind your RV trailer instead of to the side

WAIVERS:  If you have already registered your waiver once, we will simply check you in at the facility – no need to do it again!  If everyone in your vehicle has NOT filled out a waiver, click HERE.  All waivers must be signed prior to entering the facility.

FLAGGERS + MEDICS:  We value the safety of our riders above anything else, and have flaggers on the blind jumps and medics onsite.

SHOWERS:  Showers are closed until we are permitted to open them by the provincial government.

NON-POTABLE WATER:  Non-potable water is available via hose at the entrance to the facility (look for the big raised tanks between the portable washrooms and the black shower building).

FRESH WATER:  There is a freshwater fill station in Blyth across from the Blyth Arena in front of Lions Park.  The address to the arena is 377 Gypsy Ln, Blyth and Blyth is approximately 10 minute drive to the northwest.  There is also a dump station at this site.

CAMPFIRES:  Must be in a raised fire pit, minimum 12″ from the ground.  NO GROUND FIRES. Note: At anytime Walton Raceway could be under a county enforce Burn Ban.

FIREWOOD:  Firewood will be for sale, please text Caden at 519-525-6413 to arrange for drop-off to your campsite.

GARBAGE:  Take out what you bring in, garbage collection is not available as our municipal landfill is on reduced capacity.

VISITORS/SPECTATORS:  No visitors, no spectators.  Spectators are not permitted at any sporting competitions in the province at this time.

PIT VEHICLES:  No pit bikes.  No ATVs.  Golf Carts must be registered at the front gate when you arrive, and pay the $20 admin fee (cash/credit/debit only).  Only those within your pit over 16 years are permitted to drive them.  All motorized vehicles must be parked after 6pm.  Is it fun to ride the trails after supper? For sure.  Do you want to have to pack up and leave when we find you? Doubt it.

PROPERTY LIMITS:  Our property is limited to the north side of Walton Road only.  We do not own the quarry/gravel pit to the south of Walton Road, and if you enter that property you are leaving Walton Raceway and crossing into private property with NO TRESPASSING signs posted.  The OPP have been patrolling the gravel pit and will issue trespassing charges to anyone they find in breach of the private property fence line