Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

August 13 - 17 2014

Participant Entry Status For Parts Canada TransCan July 25/13

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If you, or someone you know, wants to participate in the 2013 Amateur Grand National Championship make sure that entry is submitted  – so act NOW!  www.motoregistry.ca

If you have already entered skip down for some important info below …. FYI –  participant confirmations are out for current entries.

Additional entries for the Wiseco Amateur Grand National Championship are now taken on an as received basis ……….IF…….. there are still gate positions available, otherwise they are added to the standby list.

Classes accepting standby entries only

  • Super Mini
  • School Boy 1
  • MX2 125 Junior ‘B’
  • MX2 125 Intermediate
  • MX3 GP Intermediate  

Classes that have very limited entries available at this time

  • 80 (7-11)
  • 80 (12-16
  • School boy 2
  • MX3 GP Junior ‘B’

Classes that have entries available at this time

  • 50 Pee Wee (4-6)
  • 50 Pee Wee (7-8)
  • 60 Pee wee (7-9)
  • 60 Pee Wee (10-11)
  • Youth (14-24)
  • Ladies
  • +25
  • Vet Junior
  • Vet Master
  • +40
  • MX1 250 Junior
  • MX1 250 Intermediate

Enter now at www.motoregistry.ca

Got questions? Check out the FAQs at http://www.partscanadatranscan.ca/event-faq.html

If you have already entered we encourage you to do the following to ensure you get the gate position you earned …

1. Log into your account at www.motoregistry.ca and make sure the information is ALL correct and complete. i.e race #, email address, mail address, phone #, etc. Your email receipt is also a record of what you submit.

2.  Now relax and for fun go to www.facebook.com/TransCan and give us a ‘Like’, see who else to going to Walton Raceway and/or follow us on twitter http://twitter.com/TransCan

… Will you be there? …

If you are considering, in even the most remote way, that you might compete in the GNC or are not sure if you qualified then go to www.motoregistry.ca  anyway and sign up now. If for any reason you can’t make it you can cancel your entry and get a refund. You wouldn’t believe the painful emails and phone calls we get each year after the deadline that start with “I wish I hadda …”

… How will your region be represented?… If you know someone who SHOULD represent their region at the GNC make sure they get this information, be a buddy, encourage them and help them if they need it!

See you in Walton Raceway August 13-18 2013!

TransCan info here … www.partscanadatranscan.ca

TransCan registration here … www.motoregistry.ca

CMRC membership, rules, race results and ANQ series results are here… www.cmrcracing.com

Canadian motocross news here … www.motocrosscanada.ca , www.mxpmag.com , www.directmotocross.com

And a word from some of our key sponsors here …




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