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Rider Confirmation & Move In Times

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Attention Racers: All confirmations and standby notices for the 2013 Parts Canada TransCan – Wiseco Amateur Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship have been sent out via email. Please make sure to check the email address you used to sign up for your Moto Registry account. (Also check your junk mail, in the event you have not received an email for a class).

All racers are also be able to view their confirmation status by logging into your Moto Registry account and viewing your entry.www.motoregistry.com

If you have any questions regarding you entry, or need to find out about your confirmation status please call Moto Registry’s support line during 10am and 5pm EST at 519-275-3816 or email support@motoregistry.com to be in contact with James Emmrich.

Move In Time Lottery

Last Wednesday a random lottery of move in emails were sent to all participants, almost 200 racers have already selected their move in time, and we want to ensure all participants are familiar with the new procedure, as we have tried to make this as straight forward as possible.

For 2013 we will not be using Blyth Camp Ground as a Pre Staging area.  Instead all participants are asked to select a move in time using this link on Doodle Meeting Management Software -http://www.doodle.com/33kk3n2uzwn9897d  if you have not already booked your move in time, please do so asap using the link above. To book your time, click the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page to where it says ‘’Your Name Here” Enter your name and then scroll right to select your Move In Time. Once Selected Continue to scroll Right and click “Save” Then enter your Email and Phone Number and you are finished.

On Friday July 26 in the afternoon, all Participants will receive an email with an attached PDF File of your Move In Time on a Car Hanger. Please print this Car Hanger, as we will have a Master List of Move In Times, however for quicker access you will just need to show your Car Hanger Time, keeping the process moving as fast as possible.

 The limited Monday, August 12th 6pm to 8pm Move In Times have already been selected, there is a $20 additional camping fee for people who selected the Monday times.

On Tuesday, August 13th Move In will begin at 6am and last until the afternoon.  RACER SIGN IN CLOSES AT 6PM, so please plan to be at Walton Raceway before then!

Why do we do Move In Times? The reason we do Move In Times is because due to the traffic in the past on Walton Road the OPP has made us implement this procedure, as there is NO PARKING on Walton Road at any time and we do not want our customers to receive fines or tickets from the OPP.  Having a Move In Time solves waiting in a long line to enter Walton Raceway, as you can come any time after your Move In Time has passed.

Can I just show up? How do I make a 10 minute window travelling across the country?  We are here to work with all of our racers and we will be flexible and ask for flexibility and understanding in return. As long as you arrive after your Move In Time, you are good to enter into Walton Raceway. If you arrive before your time, you will be asked to wait somewhere other than Walton Road.

More Questions? If you have questions about the Move In Procedure, please call myself, Brett Lee on my cell phone at 519 525 6409 or email me atbrett@motocrosscanada.ca  This is a very busy time, so I do ask for anyone calling or emailing for patience, as we are working around the clock to ensure our Participants and Spectators of a fantastic week during the 2013 Parts Canada TransCan – Wiseco Amateur Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship!

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