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Walton TransCan 2021

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

Rider confirmations emailed out August 4 2018

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If you have submitted pre-entry for the 2018 TransCan you should have received this email. If this is not the case, then get in touch ASAP via email to info@motocrosscanada.ca

If you have pre paid and booked camping for the 2018 TransCan you should have received an additional email with the subject : “Walton TransCan- Your Move In Dash Tag is here”.  If this is not the case, then get in touch ASAP via email to info@motocrosscanada.ca

Thank you for registering for the 2018 Parts Canada TransCan Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway – August 14th to 17th.

The status of your entry is CONFIRMED – which means you have a gate position reserved for you as of August 4, 2018.

As a Confirmed participant, we encourage you to begin sharing the news. Be sure to notify all of your family, friends and sponsors, as well as your local newspapers, television stations, radio stations and magazines, as this is a great way to gain possible sponsorship support both now and in the future. Walton Raceway has put together a template that you can use to help you gain the attention of local media as one of the top amateur motocross racers from across Canada within your class or age division. Click here to download the TransCan Racer Press Release Template and top tips on getting your story published. https://waltontranscan.ca/local-media-tips-for-racers/

Selecting your Sunday Aug 12th or Monday Aug 13th Move In

If you are planning to attend on the early Sunday night entry, you must select the Sunday entry option on the main registration page, as Sunday entry is available for only the first racers to book it and pay in advance.

If you have not pre booked camping for either Monday or Sunday then upon arrival Monday you will be assigned an entry time at the earliest available slot. There may be delays depending upon availability.

Racers planning to camp in a group, may do so by all selecting the same move in time. Each 15 minute interval will only have 6 selections available and will work on a first come first served for time selection. Upon selecting a move in time, you will be emailed a DASH TAG to print and bring with you, displaying the tag on your dash during our move in procedure. (Do NOT show up before your move in day/time, as you will be asked to wait until your time to enter). Racer camping/entry pre booking is here https://secure.tracksideprereg.com/walton/

Racers And Racer Family Admission And Camping Fees

All Racers and Family Members can purchase their Entry & Camping Fees in advance or at the main gate upon Monday arrival. ***Your Family is defined and limited to a racers parents, brothers and sisters that all live with the racer in the same household*** Passes includes 5 days of camping, all onsite activities and the Rockstar Triple Crown Pro National for $106.20 + HST ($120) per Adult 12+, and $53.10 +HST ($60) per child 7 to 11 years old. Preschoolers (ages 1-6) are free. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bVGDV4wb8KNcBlV_VBHZE33ImHWLm_-lS-VKW2zPhyE/edit?usp=sharing

Race schedule

Day 1 – Monday
2:00PM – 6:00PM Amateur Sign In
7:00PM Opening ceremonies, Press Conference & Mandatory Riders Meeting

Day 2 Tuesday

7:00am Roll call

7:15 Practice begins

Full race schedule posted here waltontranscan.ca/race-schedule/

Golf Carts & Mobility devices

Golf carts or mobility carts will be allowed onsite at Walton Raceway August 13th to 18th. Areas of operation will be restricted. Observe and obey signage accordingly. Speed shall be limited to walking speed. Occupants shall be limited to the operator and designed passenger capacity of the vehicle. Operators shall be of age (16+), of clear mind using common sense and courtesy. If you are unsure what any of this means ask a Walton Raceway staff member for clarification. This is a privilege which will be withdrawn if abused.

Updates And Information

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/WaltonRaceway and www.facebook.com/TransCan

Twitter: http://www.partscanadatranscan.ca and www.twitter.com/waltonraceway

Instagram: @WaltonRaceway


We look forward to hosting you and your family at Walton Raceway August 12th to 18th 2018. If you have questions please just hit ‘reply’ in your email, or contact Walton Raceway for additional information: info@motocrosscanada.ca

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