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#RoadtoWalton – Another week on the #Roadtowalton

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FIRST: Thanks everyone who have been tagging the guys on social media, using the hashtag #roadtowalton, Jetwerx’s InsideX for mentioning our challenge on their show AND especially everyone who jumped in on KT’s Monday pop up Push Up Challenge. It was awesome to see people across the country getting revved up for motocross. #KTsmondaychallenge 

Like every training program, keeping the wheel turning is the hard part. About 2 months in and our  entire group is busy – so keeping up with healthy lifestyle is hard.  But that is how it is in life for many people. The #roadtowalton  continues.

Blog 4 -Chris Pomeroy

Well, it’s been an interesting few weeks since my last update. With the weather improving slightly in my area I’ve been able to get outside and ride my Marin Bicycles. Last week I hit the back roads on my mountain bike for a 60-minute tour around the countryside, and then with this recent stretch of nice weather, I’ve been able to ride the local paved roads on my road bike. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, although I’ve been road biking since 2006, last summer I got serious about it. So even though it’s still early in the season, I can’t even put into words how good it felt to bundle up, clip in, and hit the road for a ride.

Over the years I’ve definitely learned a few things about training and working out. The first and perhaps the biggest thing is that regardless of how much effort you want to put, there still has to be an element of fun involved. Like anything you do, the more enjoyable it is the more you’re going to do and ideally the harder you’re going to work at it. As my 13-year-old son is getting older and the need to do more than just ride his dirt bike increases, I’m finding that to simply say “Hey son, let’s go for an hour run” usually gets met with some moans and groans. I get it, and I think most parents reading this do as well. However, if we go and play tennis for an hour or go on a bicycle ride through some trails that also have a few jumps, then he’s all in. I guess it’s all in the messaging. For me though, at this stage in my life, I love getting outside on my road bike and just riding. I find that it’s been great for both my mental and physical health.
Last week I headed up to former NHL player Scott Thornton’s home gym for a fitness test with Steve Neal from www.stevenealperformance.com. Steve has been training cyclist’s as well as lacrosse and hockey players for several years and now he’s interested in working with some motocross athletes. As I quickly found out that this test was just any normal fitness test. We started out by doing a Resting Metabolic Rate test where Steve measured my respiration system while I laid dead still for ten minutes. This was the easy part as I almost fell asleep during it. Next up was a Spirometry test which measured the total amount of air I could exhale in one second. This test was cool as I’ve never taken that large of deep breaths before. After that, I put on a fancy PNOE Mask and hopped on a stationary bike for the dreaded Vo2 Max test. As anyone who has ever done one of these tests before knows, it’s a killer! I ended up with a Vo2 Max score of 49. Not quite the score of a pro athlete in their prime, but not bad for a 48-year-old moto dad. If you’d like more information on this testing or you’d like to talk with Steve about his training, please email me at chris@mxpmag.com

Another thing that has been motivating lately is this #roadtowalton group and how hard everyone has been working. A few weeks ago I stated that Derek Schuster was winning our group’s cooking contest as he was grilling up one great meal after another. Kevin Tyler is the next guy who deserves a shout-out. Well, let’s face it, we all deserve a little credit as each of us has made some sacrifices in the past two months. But back to KT and his training. To sum it up, KT has been on it, and trust me when I say that you might not recognize him in the spring. He looks fit, healthy, and motivated for more work. KT absolutely killed the push-up challenge last week as he managed to do like 600 in one day. Next up is a squat challenge on Monday so we’ll have to take it to KT on this one. I think we’ve all been working hard in our own right and thanks to our fearless leader and motivator Brett Lee for helping us remain focused. The new riding season is here and the Road to Walton continues. Thank you for reading and keep pushing boys!

Blog 4 – Ryan Lockhart
March. Wow. Time is flying by.
I guess we are about 8 weeks into this thing #roadtowalton which is crazy to think.
Feel like it was just yesterday that Brett

came to us with this idea.  I have made some really good steps forward. I have cleaned up some eating. Cut back booze intake for sure. But I want to keep improving. Want to push harder – in all these areas I have improved on. And need to not give into those late evening snacks.

Had my first ride of 2021 on Wednesday. There were things that felt good and things that I thought would of felt better. It goes to show i need to kick this little program up a notch. My body was hurting yesterday –  you forget how not riding for 2 or 3 months feels like afterwards. I’m all in next week. I want to push myself.

Until next time #behard

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