Enjoy this week from Brett, Dig and KT.

Blog 3 -Brett Lee

This #roadtowalton thing is entering a tougher but easier phase for me.

It is easier in that I look back at the 2 months and they have breezed by. Time really does fly and when you are on any type of physical or mental betterment plan time is sometimes a hurdle. I think we are all looking at the calender going “wow it is March”. The trick and tough part is sticking with it. “Trusting the process” as they say and riding it out longer than a few weeks. So at the 2 month marker I am seeing some results. Weight loss, clarity and less inherited moto pain. All great.

Also, as of March 10.2021, 2 months with no alcohol. That has been a massive shift. It changes my social interactions, changes celebration defaults, stress defaults… pretty much every emotional default I have constructed over many years. I am not going to say  I am free of ever having a beer again but I will say that lifting a glass may represent new things going forward. All good.

Back to the rapidly moving calender and the tough part.  We as industry people are hitting our busy time. No days off. I am not going to lie the idea of cutting time out to stay true to proper eating and personal health seems daunting. I am going to do it but from here till August it will be a constant reminder to set that time aside. Keep it a priority. Make it happen.

That is the same for all us Canadians. We seem to wander out of our dens in the spring and go from a winter idle to spring WFO. Doing very little to doing everything. And Covid has made that switch even more pronounced.

2 months has been good, now is the test. Lets go.