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#RoadtoWalton Week 2 – 28 To go.

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Note: These Blogs will change. Not minimum, maximum number words, no real rules other then do it! 

Blog 1 -Brett Lee
Week 2 First Blog


This for me is my first blog. I want to go into the story before I go into anything else. The inspiration for this is two fold.

We have always promoted the #roadtowalton at TransCan GNC. It started with my Dad, Chris. He has always loved the stories of people coming to the race. The drive through the mountains, the break downs along the way, the scramble to get bikes ready– the story to get to Walton. My Dad likes the journey to get somewhere, more than any part of it.

It also came when I saw pictures of Ryan and Randi Lockhart new Baby and Ryan’s comment of he couldn’t wait for Walton in 2021. In 2020, baby Lockhart was just a bump in his mom’s belly and his big brother rode his first Transcan. 

I was inspired, like have been many times around the sacrifices, dedication and just pure joy of motocross that drives people to get together in Walton each August.  From this grew my idea. Self serving to some extent, to have a group keep each other motivated, going and  along the way inspire others to build their story – like I have been inspired. We are putting it out there and that is hard. To show age, to show weight, to risk failing in front of friends, family, strangers. We all feel those pings of fear, but we are going to try.

Week one for me was starting to build habits. I cut way way back on beers the last two weeks. I love beer and my buddies love to get together for beers. So the pandemic has helped a bit but there has been a change in habits for sure. 

I increased my water to 2-3L per day. This is harder then cutting beer. 3 L of water is 6 water bottles (7 beers!). Add in a coffee in the morning and I got code RED happening all day. I am seconds from pissing my pants at any moment. It is unreal. IF this recommended amount of water is real (I just can’t believe this is what average intake should be) then I have NEVER drank enough water. It is shocking.

I have found I need to start my exercise in the morning because I buy into my own story of bullshit at night way to easy and don’t hit any marks –even stretching for 10 minutes. I have found I like (again shocking) night time yoga. It is a good stretch, relaxing and helps sleep. Melody found yoga a couple years ago, got busy and went away from it. It is back in her life and she encouraged me – and she has made it happen. With the Pandemic there is a lot of online options for classes. We have done 30 minutes session together at night instead of couch time and it has been a good surprise.

The goal for me, is to stay on course. If I don’t do it perfect or fall off the plan, I don’t want to  freak out or get down on my deal. Plan is to correct it and keep going. It really is that simple. My #roadtowalton story will be told in August, I am using the other 6 dudes to push and keep my eye road till August -that is my ultimate goal.


Blog 1 -Derek “Digg” Schuster
Week 2 First Blog


Ding – a text message comes in from Brett Lee asking me to check my email along with a “help wanted” picture. I reluctantly go to my email not knowing what type of crazy idea Mr. Lee has for me or maybe it’s a trap. Turns out it was both! The email consisted of Brett telling me he is starting a #roadtowalton group, which was short by one person and my participation was required. I reluctantly told Brett to count me in, but knew that I was committing to a long term challenge and it wouldn’t be easy. I don’t plan to write about what changes I’ve made and what my workouts look like in this first post, I want to write more about why I decided to join this crew.

I think it is safe to say that everyone WANTS to live a healthy lifestyle, but actually making a change and then following through with things can be a much more difficult task. I think if you look at this group, we all live a similar lifestyle, work, travel, kids, and more work. Leading a busy lifestyle tends to make you want to choose the easy route when it comes to not making time for exercise or skipping that workout you have been thinking about. For myself, my days can be quite long and busy, and I find by the time I have been able to wind down after the kids have gone to bed I just want to hit the couch or do something relaxing. The other challenge for me is eating healthy when on the go. A typical work day for my wife Kerri and I can be 10 to 12 hours long and more times than not it is easier to grab some fast food or takeout then meal planning and eating healthy. I’m quite certain if you speak to the other guys in this group, they will tell you that they battle similar challenges. It’s easy to put something off or tell yourself you don’t have time for it when you are busy.
Of course the goal of this challenge when reading Brett’s description is to develop healthier habits, eat better, fit in some exercise, and get ourselves feeling better about our state of health. But I think one of the most important keys to this is that all of us can work on is finding a way to make time for these things until it becomes second nature to have that time set aside for it. What I love about Brett’s idea of putting this group together is we are all here to motivate each other which I have found out pretty quickly really does make it easier. When you are suffering through a workout and get a photo text from someone else in the group it gives you a little extra motivation to push through and keep going.
Aside from my own personal goals that I have set out to achieve during this road to Walton I really hope the others in this group can also achieve theirs. When Brett originally told me that he planned to make our challenge public with some promotion and blogs, I felt hesitant. Maybe because I wasn’t comfortable with sharing my weight, or what my goals were, or maybe just because if I fail at it I’m doing it publicly. But I quickly realized Brett’s idea with the blogs may motivate other people to do the same on their own #roadtowalton. So outside of my own personal goals here, my hope is that if you are reading this, maybe it will motivate you to jump on the wagon! If you know someone in this group, hit one of us up and tell us you are starting your own #roadtowalton. Remember, you don’t need to be a racer to do this. I have no intentions of racing Walton like some of the others in this group do. Maybe you are a parent of a racer, or just someone looking to make some changes in your lifestyle to drop a few unwanted pounds or feel more fit. Lastly, I should mention we are calling this the Road to Walton but for all of us in this group the goal for healthier living goes beyond Walton, but it is nice having a goal to chase in front of you. 
Blog 1 -Kevin Tyler

Week 2 First Blog

Little recap of how it has started for my #roadtowalton

I had a little head start as in November, Shell and I started tracking our workouts each week on a calendar to keep ourselves accountable.   November wasn’t great, started out strong but fizzled by the end.   December was much better averaging 4 days per week.   With that I purchased myself a road bike and trainer as a little reward and incentive to keep it up.
Started a 6 week beginner FTP course on Zwift just before Christmas.
Enter the email from Brett with an idea to get a group of us motivated and back to a bit more of a riding shape rather than my current round ball status.   As I am just about 1/2 way through my initial 6 week bicycle the start should be easy but I know as the summer looms I will need the extra motivation and support to keep at it when hours are shorter.
This week I had planned on doing a 48 hour fast to start the week after doing some reading and talking with buddies who have done them.    So Monday / Tuesday it was…..  Honestly I was surprised by how easy it was, I like to eat.   Like a lot.   Still got my 5 cycles in, the biggest change was being accountable for water intake.  I thought I was drinking lots but I was not taking in enough with the goal being 3L’s.   Diet did not change one bit, it will need to going forward, but for now consistent good workouts are the goal….

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