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2021 Walton TransCan

#RoadtoWalton Week Five – This is real. #Roadtowalton

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Fun reminder…If you are training, regardless of age and if you are racing or not,  share your journey. ,make sure to tag @waltonraceway and use the hashtag #roadtowalton. Email us a blog— Brett@motocrosscanada.ca . We want to share your story!

Blog 3 -Ryan Gauld

The Wafer Road to Walton

I will start this off by saying, I AM SUCKING AT THIS ROAD TO WALTON. As the title says, it’s like a wafer-built road. It crumbles easy and it tastes too good to continue the hard parts. I think about riding the bike or going for a run, then I crack… into a bag of chips, a bucket of ice cream, Pizza, or anything chocolate. All these monkeys joining this road are sharing pictures of healthy this and training that, and at first, I was stoked for it. Now it makes me sick. LOL

My entire life I have struggled to eat better, train, focus on that style of living. This #roadtowalton had me excited. Much like when I got my first Yamaha contract or my first set of free gear or whatever else got me feeling good about being a professional racer. I would always say, “Ok, I have the tools now I need to work. Let’s go.”

The intent is there but doing it never seems to see the light. I’m forever lazy and it always bites me in this world. In the working world, I’m a diesel machine, I get shit done. I chase answers, I get results. I’ve proven that and it shows. Why does it not transfer into getting in shape? It should be simple, you would think. It’s never been the case. I like to work hard. I enjoy the suffering that comes with it. Seeing results gets me all warm inside. But, put me info of a bicycle or gym or some sort of training shit, I last a week or two and I’m out. I mean, the marketing behind the Big Mac, or Hawaiian Pizza, or 3 for $7 for Lays chips is so well done that it wins me over. Are there anonymous meetings for these problems?

As of today, there are 173 days till this #roadtowalton ends. I’ll be there racing 100%. Will I meet these goals Brett gives us? If I had to answer today, hell no. Maybe something changes, maybe something clicks, there is hope but I damn well don’t know where to find it. I like to get drunk and chirp with my friends. How can you give something up you’re good at and passionate about? LOL. Or maybe, just maybe this whole written word above is total BS and I’m crushing the gym, and I’m a KETO bull?


Blog 3 – Ryan Lockhart

“Keep on Plugging away”

Almost a full two months into this thing and happy to report still keeping it consistent. According tomy Polar I have completed 18 workouts since we started this #roadtowalton and seeing some steady gains has been motivating. I’m a creature of habit and I’m super happy to dedicate the time needed in the gym to see some results. It’s been tricky for me as I have to do these work out in the morning and I have to thank my wife for allowing me to do this ( insert gauldy joke of making fun of me ) I get up at 5:30, at the gym by 6, back home by 7 and back out the door for the work day by 7:30. My kids get up at 6:30 so Randi is doing all kid stuff while I’m out grinding thinking about getting another Walton Championship.

“The Plan”

Keep pushing towards getting backing into that 180 weight range. I think the result will come once I start riding consistently again which isn’t far away now here in BC. My wife and I just bought a new travel trailer so we have lots of trips planned come spring ( Which are always at the track ) plus slowly starting to think about the 50 hour trek across the country to the transcan. It’s funny I have done the cross Canada drive so many times when I was racing full time that I swore to myself when the dream was over that I wouldn’t do it again. Since 2015 I have been flying back for Walton and shipping bikes etc. But we are really looking forward to the drive for some reason, I think it really gives you that feel of how much we want to be at the event. Might not be saying that same thing on the way home but we will worry about that when the time comes.

Keep killing it Boys…. Palms, Brett, KT, Digs and Gaudy. This is fun!! 30 Push ups tomorrow???

Blog 3 -Chris Pomeroy

Well, here we are in the second half of February, and hopefully what is winter’s final lap. Now, I’m sure there will be more cold and snowy days in March and even in April, but for me at least, getting into March has always been a mental hurdle that I enjoy leaping over. Due to a communication error, I missed this blog two weeks ago, and with the strict rules that our #roadtowalton group has I was punished with a set of 30 impromptu push-ups. There’s nothing quite like sitting there enjoying your morning coffee and getting told you have to do some push-ups as punishment for not writing a blog. Anyway, I certainly didn’t want to make the same mistake twice so here is my bi-weekly blog.

So far, our fitness and ‘get healthy’ challenge has been going well and our group has been working hard. One of the things that have helped us get going is that at one in all of our lives we were pretty fit dudes. Because of that, our muscle memory has kicked in and as the days have turned into weeks, our well-aged bodies have responded nicely. Throw in some much-needed changes to our eating habits and our fitness adventure is off to a great start. We’ve even begun to share photos of our healthy dinners on our group chat which is always fun. The jury is still out on who is the best cook in our group, but the early signs have pointed to Derek Schuster as the top grill man thus far. All in all, I think everything is progressing nicely and it should only get easier as the weather gets milder and we’re able to get outside more.

As I mentioned in my first blog a few weeks ago, my ‘I need to change something’ moment came back in 2018 after our family trip to Mexico. After that trip, I was looking at some of our photos and I quickly concluded that I was getting the dreaded ‘dad’ bod. With our trip being in April, this meant that at the time I was coming off a long winter of eating whatever I wanted and not being very active. For me, staying active in the summer has never been a problem as I’ve always been riding and doing a lot of outdoor activities. Then, after a summer full of fitness fun, winter would set in and I wouldn’t think about working out. That was my vicious cycle for years and in 2018 I made my mind up to change. So, when winter rolled around that year, I made sure to stay active and I built a small gym in my basement.

Throughout the winter of 2018/2019, I did a lot of cardio training and I ended up not just looking better on our 2019 Mexico trip, but also feeling better. Fast forward to the following winter and I took my training up another notch to include some weight training and yoga. Finally, as I also mentioned a few weeks ago, this past summer I got hooked on riding my Marin road-bike and ended up riding a lot of miles from April to November. And then this winter, I’ve made sure to tailor my exercise to get both stronger and more flexible. Over this time, I’ve found that setting small and attainable goals have really helped me stay motivated and organized. Also, having a daily, weekly, as well as overall monthly plan of what you want to do really helps. Write as much stuff down as you can!

As I said at the beginning of this blog, everything has been progressing nicely with this group and I believe we’re all on track to meet our goals. The cool thing is that we all have different goals and we’ve adjusted accordingly. Also, since we’ve been at it now for over a month, our mind and our bodies are responding and we’re starting to crave exercise. Kevin has been pounding out the miles on his indoor trainer, Brett’s been eating like a bird and working out, Newf has been getting up at 5 am to hit the gym, Gauldy’s been riding his indoor bicycle while he plans out his AMO series and watches SX on TV, and Schuster has been eating healthy and riding his sled as if this is the final winter that Ontario is going to see snow. In short, we’re all trying to do something every day to get fitter and healthier, and at the end of the day, that’s all you can ask from a bunch of old guys. So, wish us luck and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at chris@mxpmag.com. Thanks for reading!

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