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Pro National Saturday August 18 & Amateur GNC August 14-17
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Camping Information

*All information below is subject to change at any time, but we do try to keep this page updated!
Daily Gate Hours and Camping Fees (Ticket fees are additional):ALL CAMPING TICKETS BE ACCOMPANIED by an ADMISSION TICKET

No checks or credit cards accepted at the ticket gate. Tickets and camping available at the gate; advance purchase is not required.  
Day of Arrival
Daily Gate Schedule (hours you can arrive)
Camping Fee (Per Adult)
Camping Fee (Per Child – 6yr to 11 yr)
Parking Fee (for non-campers, per vehicle)
7pm – 11pm
FAMILY & 18+
7pm– 11pm
FAMILY & 18+
7pm – 11pm
FAMILY & 18+
7pm – 11pm
FAMILY & 18+
7pm – 11pm
      N/A          N/A          N/A
camping not available Sunday night

Event Tickets and Camping on sale now!

ticket buttonGeneral Camping Info

  • The main gate will close at 11pm each night.
  • There is no parking on the road near the track entrance.
  • Please plan your arrival time accordingly.
  • Camping space is limited and cannot be guaranteed.
  • You can pay in advance by purchasing online, but will have your choice of the available lots when you arrive.
  • No golf carts, ATVs, scooters or anything motorized. This includes Sunday.
  • Ticket gates accept cash only.
  • No glass containers, but you are welcome to bring coolers, food and beverages.
  • No electric, water or sewer hookups. However, a sewage pump truck and a clean water fill truck will be servicing the camping areas throughout the weekend. (These are independent service providers who will charge a separate fee.
  • Racers’ wash barrels can be filled at water fill area, or bring a dolly to take them to the water fill station.
  • Each person must purchase a camping if staying the night. If you bring an extra car along with you, the extra car must park in parking area separate from your campsite! Example: Dad is bringing the RV Wednesday and Mom is coming in her car after work on Friday. Now Mom has to park her car at the extra car parking area.
  • Camping Lot Choices Family Lot is for Families and Amateur racers. It’s divided into four sections: A1, A2, A3 and A4.
  • 18+  is more for the party crowd. Everyone in the vehicle must be at least 18 years old to camp in 18+ No race bikes in 18+ All Amateur racers must camp in Family.
  • If anyone in your group is under 18, the whole group goes to Family
  • Every vehicle will have a 20′ wide space; depth varies to accommodate all rig sizes. Inquire about a smaller camping site for pickup trucks, tents, etc. when you arrive.  We do not sell spaces in advance.

Daily Parking

  • Daily parking is available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Vehicles in daily parking lots must be removed by 11pm, or Vehicles left will be towed at owner’s expense.

Camping Weekend Rules and Info

  • No pit vehicles are allowed this weekend (no golf carts, Rhinos, quads, minibikes, etc.). This includes Sunday.
  • No pallets; no firewood over 20″ in length
  • No glass containers. No house furniture.  (Plastic or nylon mesh lawn furniture is permitted.)
  • No canopies on the infield.  Canopies are allowed in the trackside parking areas (accessible by car or on foot), and anywhere outside the track.
  • No bicycles after dark.
  • Coolers are allowed, just not in infield viewing areas. Remember, no glass containers.
  • Blankets and lawn chairs are welcome on the infield (or any other spectator areas).
  • Small campfires are allowed
  • No scaffolding or ladders.
  • No beer kegs
  • No fireworks.
  • No pit riding.Race bikes must be pushed to and from the starting line for the Wednesday to Sunday
  • To better enforce the NO FIREWORKS and NO GLASS CONTAINERS rules, all vehicles are subject to search by security staff. If any fireworks, glass containers or other prohibited items are found, you may remove them from the property yourself or we will dispose of them for you
  • We will park you, as you arrive, in the next available space in the lot of your choice (space permitting). No saving spots, with one exception. Camping is first come, first served, and people try to arrive early to camp in the area they want. Also, we can’t pull large rigs in between two already-filled spaces. For those reasons, we generally don’t allow you to save spots. However, on Wednesday and Thursday, before the lots fill up, the parking staff may be able to park you in a more remote area with an end space next to you for a friend who will arrive later. Once lots begin to fill, or the end spots are taken up, we’re not able to offer this option.