Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

BC riders put it all together

Production by: Walton Raceway

“We’re going to Walton!!” It was decided with a phone call when Kourtney and Sara sat in their trailer at a Prince George race and I sat in my trailer in Kamloops. Upset that our team couldn’t be together, we spoke in excitement for the upcoming Women’s National series, for when we would all be together. We decided to ask Sara’s parents if we could all go to Walton together. Since they know Kourtney and I very well, they were a little hesitant of sending their golden child with us for an entire week. So Don (Sara’s dad) made us a fair deal: if Sara finished top three at the Nationals she could go to Walton. Immediately, with no doubt in mind, I thought “We’re going to Walton.” However, it was Kourtney who screamed the words in excitement. As any girls would do, we began to plan like nobody’s business. First things first: we needed a team captain so our first call was to Ryan Lockhart. Instead of asking him if he would come to Walton with us, Kourtney said, “Newf, pack your stuff we’re going to Walton”

Planning the trip was 150% Kourtney Lloyd after this point. I would call her once a week, okay once a day, sometimes twice, to see where we were at. She would usually tell me to shut up and call her later because she was with customers. However, I would get updates often. It was like Christmas when she told me and Sara that I would get to debut the 2015 TLD gear for every moto at Walton. Also, Parts Canada helped us out a lot by shipping parts to Machine Racing where John Nelson and Honda Canada would lend us bikes for the week. Everything was coming together.

Pretty Little Riders: Summer Knowles Tells Her 2014 Walton Story

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