Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

“The storybook Walton has created for so many is priceless.”

Production by: Walton Raceway

For the past 25 years (minus 1992 because CMA scheduled their amateur national against TransCan and at the time CMA was still the industry leader) I have spent my middle of august in a field, in a van, or in a trailer at Walton raceway. The memories I have from such a simple place are lifetime. Growing up your dream of big things in your head and at points in my life, I’ve reached them, on and off the track. The storybook Walton has created for so many is priceless. This past week was once again a celebration of Canadian moto under the toughest conditions the race had seen in the 25 years. To start it off there were some (two people likely, maybe three) that totally wanted the event fail. That, even with the gnarly weather didn’t happen. In fact, the commodore because of the weather is something only this event can deliver. Families, sponsors, fans, and more all stepped in to help where needed when the toughness rolled in to wreck the celebration. It was truly inspiring to watch. The way the track crew messaged the slop for Saturday was magical. Almost like unicorns were carrying them off to a happy place where we all waited for the gate to drop. Nothing could stop the beauty that transpired over the seven days at the 25th Parts Canada TransCan. It was like the moment when the Grinch thought he ruined Christmas for Whoville, but then they all started singing and the Grinch couldn’t believe it. Walton Raceway and everyone that were on hand made history in more ways than new classes or surprise winners. They knocked down the walls put up with hard work, good attitudes, and passion that run deep. I know there were times that the   “give-up” button was right there to tap out, but no one did. Not one person gave up. They had over 60mm of rain Friday night where in most worlds would squash anything, but TransCan said “no way. Screw you Mother Nature. We got this!” I was there all week and saw all of this going on and if you were there and are trying to find the negative to crush the spirit that is Walton, then you are in a group that is very small and uneducated, as well coming up short in the man department. If you’ve watched any movie that has inspired you to work harder, chase that dream, or gave you a reason to push through: insert Parts Canada Walton Grand National Championship in there.




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