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#RoadtoWalton — The Challenge

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2021 is upon us and now for many racers the work to make it their best season possible begins. For many the ultimate goal is success at the 2021 Walton TransCan Grand National Championship August 11-14th.2021.

One of the great trends in racing in recent years is the return of older riders, bringing their families back to the track. Working to meet personal goals, inspiring younger riders and building healthy lives. It isn’t easier as we all get older but the rewards are just as sweet.

The #roadtowalton hashtag has been a great source of inspiration for the years, and Walton has brought on a group to lead that motivation for all riders in 2021.

The Challenge, is a group of industry leaders who have agreed, to document their #roadtowalton. To work over the next few months to regain strong health, be motivation and hit some personal goals. Along the way maybe entertain.

Follow @waltonraceway and the hashtag #roadtowalton of instagram and on www.waltontranscan.ca and www.mxpmag.com.

#The Challenge

There are a lot of people out there that need inspiration– including ourselves. So many racers have returned to riding, racing and Walton TransCan GNC to find a lot of satisfaction in working towards a goal, sharing a common passion again. And many more need that inspiration. 
Whether any of the group recognizes this or not they are all leaders in the moto community. Industry minds, promoters, team managers. The key of this idea is to demonstrate working together, motivating each other and others, competing and creating a cool story. It is a journey anyone can join in simple by sharing the hashtag #roadtowalton, following any of the group. Hopefully other build their own group.
What is the plan?
The group will do a weekly update blog on TransCan GNC site  (and maybe mxpmag.com).  Submitted to Brett@motocrosscanada.ca  Fridays (two groups of 3, altering weeks). Brett will edit. The Blog is whatever each guy feels. A little, a lot. Whatever, just hitting the mark and tracking the experience.  
Walton will be doing light Walton TransCan GNC promotion around this. Everyone is encouraged to use social media to show what they are up to if comfortable doing so. This scares everyone involved. Make sure you hashtag #roadtowalton #vetchallenge
To help send a few old and new photos for site use.
Do your best. If you fall off the horse, jump back on. If you need help. Ask – be honest- this won’t be easy.
Now a few supporters have come forward. There are so many great products and people out there to help get people moving. In the next few weeks we will be sharing all what the group is using, programs each guy is following, what has work and what hasn’t. For now it is just about getting started.
Starting Jan.12.2021 we are going to create routine. Reference the attached calendar month of January.

The first couple weeks, create positive exercise habits.
Cut back on Alcohol.
Increase water to 3L (6 500Ml bottles per day)
Remove or cut back White Devil. White sugar, white pasta, white bread, white milk and anything made with these things. 
Brett Lee, Ryan Lockhart, Ryan Gauld, Chris Pomeroy, Kevin Tyler and Derek Schuster. See their Bios Below.

Group 1
Ryan Gauld
Ryan Lockhart
Chris Pomeroy

Group 2
Derek Schuster
Brett Lee
Kevin Tyler

Everyone and anyone is encouraged to jump in, share their own journey. Make sure you hashtag #roadtowalton #vetchallenge

Starting MONDAY Jan 12.2021 we start as a group. Document your journey, get your habits formed. February will be more diet support and training support. Mentally prepare yourself for March Boot Camp. 
Lets get to know the boys!

Name: Derek Schuster
Hometown: Courtland, ON
Spouse: Kerri
Kids: Emerson and Sebastian
Age 36
Race Pro: Yes barely
Current Job: Gopher Dunes / Schuster Motorsports Inc.
Current Weight: 269lbs
Current training : I have a gym in my shop and a Concept 2 bike in my house, I use neither.
Why: Because Brett messaged me saying they are short one person and I’m always up for a competition. (Edit note: I asked if he wanted in… not short dudes)
Outline of diet limitations (allergies)? None
Drinking plans? I can do with or without
Home gym equipment you have? I have a gym in my shop with a good amount of equipment
How much time and is it better in the morning or night? Morning likely better, 45 min to an hour.
Name: Ryan Gauld
Hometown: New Lowell, Ont
Spouse: Amy Gauld
Kids: 3 – Jake, Ryley, and Bennet
Age 42
Race Pro: 1995 to 2010
Current Job: AMO Owner, and Whatever else pays!
Current Weight: 220 (Heaviest I’ve ever been)
Current training: I watch sports
Why: Because they make me a great Monday Morning Quarterback.
Outline of diet limitations (allergies)?
I’m allergic to eating Healthy consistently.
Drinking plans?
I’m an adult, I can do whatever I want.
Home gym equipment you have?
Zero. I have some old cans of paint I could curl maybe?
How much time and is it better in the morning or at night?
Time is tough with three kids but to bury the rest of the clowns on this, I will find the time.
Name: Kevin Tyler
Hometown:  Richmond, ON
Spouse: Shelley
Kids: Mitch
Age 46
Race Pro: Turned pro 1992
Current Job: All things MX101
Current Weight: 255…
Current training : started a 6 week beginner FTP cycling builder program on Zwift (starting week 2 as of today)
Why:  It’s time…..
Outline of diet limitations (Allergies)? 
KT: No limitations but I love food
Social drinks is something everyone loves. Drinking plans? 
KT: I only drink moderately but can step that up if needed to keep up with the group
We are working out from home. What home gym equipment you have? 
KT: We have everything. Bikes, rower, weights…  Mitch has been dedicated the last couple years to daily training so we have quite the home gym
How much time do you want to set aside and is it better in the morning or night? 
KT: Evenings are best for me
Name: Brett Lee
Hometown: Walton, Ontario 
Spouse: Melody
Kids: Caden and Harper
Age 46 (how did that happen?)
Race Pro: 90’s and 2000’s. I was by far the slowest of the group here.
Current Job: Most know me as a Walton Raceway Promoter, and that is what I am. However during the winter I work Winter Patrol for my county so it means lots of driving. We are 12hr shifts of 7 days on 7 days off. A Lot of sitting on my butt.
Current Weight: This hurts. 230LBS
Current training : I have a bicycle in my house. 
Why: As a young guy who raced the part I hated, is the part I miss now. Grinding, pushing and being pushed. I am also inspired by athletes who are finding motivation later in their careers like Valentino Rossi, Tom Brady, Justin Brayton for example. They discover fuel to push them, and it has been really inspiring. I find myself saying …Why not try?
Outline of diet limitations (allergies)
Brett: None. Maybe Dairy a bit?
Drinking plans. 
Brett: I am def backing down. 1 month off, but red wine and cold beers in summer……I am open to what I should do.
Home gym equipment you have?
1 rower, 1 elliptical Bike, resistance bands and straps. Yoga mats. Foam Rollers.
How much time and is it better in the morning or night.
Brett: I know mornings are better, which sucks. I am saying hr gym is something I am good with till the snow falls. But don’t be soft on me. If I need to step up… I am in.
Name:  Chris Pomeroy
Hometown:  Shelburne, ON
Spouse: Bernadette
Kids:  Ayrton
Age:   47
Race Pro:  Turned pro in August of 1989
Current Job:  Editor at MXP Magazine
Current Weight: I don’t think I’ve been weighed since birth so I’ll get back to you.
Current training : Been training a lot since March. Feel better than I have in years. 

Why: Anything to put off feeling really old. Plus, I have a bad lower back so if I don’t workout then it gets tight and hurts.
Outline of diet limitations (allergies)?  No allergies but I don’t eat eggs. I’m about a 6/10 as far as eating healthy so I could definitely use some advice on this. 
Drinking plans?  These days I may have 2-3 beers a week. So if we’re going to have a drinking contest at TransCan then I know I’ll lose. 
Home gym equipment you have? I have pretty much everything…Spin Bike, Ski-Erg, Kettlebells, and a slab of meat hanging from the ceiling that I punch while screaming “Adrian!!!!!!!!”
How much time and is it better in the morning or night? 
It doesn’t matter. But if I had to pick a time it would be 4pm as that is when I usually hit the gym. 

Name: Ryan Lockhart
Hometown: Langley BC
Spouse: Randi Lockhart
Kids: Meston and Bowen
Age 36
Race Pro: 1998 to 2018
Current Job: Brand / Sales Manager Atlas Brace / Matrix Concepts Canada
Current Weight: 205 ( Sigh )
Current training : Well i did absolutely nothing in 2020 as the weight shows. Slowly getting back into it with some light cardio and just being all around more active.
Why: Need something to look forward to. Sick and tired of my pants being so tight. When I ride I still can go pretty good but that quickly fades away with being so out of shape. Want to have the goal of being ready for TransCan. 3 Generations of Lockhart’s on the line is the plan for 2021. My son, my Father and Myself.
Outline of diet limitations (allergies)? I’m good with everything here….. I love food, especially my Chips
Drinking plans? Well I’m not giving up drinking especially with SX just around the corner. I will slow down on the wine during the week.
Home gym equipment you have? I planned on buying a Peloton over the holidays but my wife wanted a new bed. She won!! I have access to a Gym with pretty much all equipment a couple hundred feet from my house.
How much time and is it better in the morning or night? There is really no good time as I get to work around 7:30 am and not home till 5pm then real life takes over but I can make a few mornings a week work plus weekends.

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