Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

Walton Raceway is building the future

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Walton Raceway is building for a sustainable future with an offering family oriented, active outdoor recreation.

The four areas we have focussed on are 1. adding capacity to accommodate increasing attendance at key events for spectators, campers and competitors. 2. Diversification of activities available as an active sports parks with pay-to-ride for MX , bicycle trails and courses, recreational games areas & walking trails etc. 3. Additional value in the entertainment provided for first time visitors and initiates to the sport 4. Attract a more diverse demographic seeking family friendly recreation.

Fortunately the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport offers a suitable program that has encouraged us, by sharing the risk, to accelerate the implementation of these improvements .

The Celebrate Ontario initiative can be credited to Jan Hawley, the Economic Development Officer for the municipality of Huron East who profiled Walton Raceway to the newly formed Regional Tourism Organization 4 (RTO4). With the support of Huron County economic development head Mike Pullen a case was made for the TransCan as the premier event of it’s kind on ‘Ontario’s West Coast’ and prime economic driver in RTO4 which in turn got the attention of the Ontario government Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport.

The tangible features made possible by the Celebrate Ontario program include the spectacular Jason Blaine concert , the Pro Pit Fanfest, video screens and streaming event information, enhanced spectator viewing and a mirade of infrastructure improvements. While this has been targeted at the 2012 Parts Canada TransCan the expectation is that happy visitors will be encouraged to return to Huron County and Walton Raceway again and again for future events of all kinds.

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