Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

2021 Walton TransCan Grand National Motocross Championship

Walton Raceway Newsletter!

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You can rest in the winter…..

What an amazing, exhausting, exciting, emotional weekend we had for the first ever Walton One. So much to talk about — mostly we want to thank those who came up to us personally and said kind words. It means the world to us.

To the riders who didn’t quite make it to the checkers. You all have been on our minds here, we wish you all a speedy, full recovery and we know you will be back at the track soon.

Motocross always takes you on a ride.

Let’s go.

Walton TransCan GNC will offer a 30C and 30B to growing interest.

We have put together base guidelines for understanding what class the rider falls into. WIth it being a late addition there are NO official sanctioned rules to guide the class split. These will be developed in conversation with various groups like MRC and AMO in the winter 2021-22.  This year enjoy the idea and what the ultimate goal is to create for future Vet racing.

As of right now it will be a split start – 2 Gate drops (similar to how we introduced +40A/B).

To race 30C

– Can not have ever raced Pro.
– Can not have ridden at the Intermediate level in 10 years of current year.
– Cannot have ever placed in top 5 of 30B/Vet Junior

– Can Not have ridden Pro National level within 5 years of current year.


– Can not have ridden at the Pro Level in 15 years of current year.
– Can not have ridden at the Intermediate level in 10 years of current year.


You may have seen our Walton TransCan Facebook post about Dads.

Well we were overwhelmed to say the least. So many awesome Dads (and Moms and Grandparents) do so much to make racing happen. We can’t just pick a few.

SO Dad’s PLEASE shared with us some good Dad advice and we are going to try and share as much as we can. Email Melody@waltonraceway.ca

“The key to winning — be the first to the checker flag.” Brett Lee to Caden at his first race. #dadfails.

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SAVE $5 off Weekend Pass.

Click HERE For tickets.

Some Rider Codes:  DW1 – MW2 – SM3 – JP15 – TT717 – DF11 – PE36 – DS157 – CT16 – TM5 – KM10 – RD26 – SG28 – MC46 – RM18 – TW84 – QA19 – JB50 – JP30



We want to say thanks to everyone who supported WaltonOne.

AMO Racing – Ryan Gauld and the crew did their best and delivered the best they could under obviously difficult circumstances. It is emotionally and physically exhausting to produce big race days and this team kept their heads down till late into Saturday night. Motocross in Ontario is strong because of that team’s passion.

Ron Cameron and the entire Canadian sport medic team. Ron is a staple here at Walton — he is a champion of our sport. He deserves a high five, a pat on the back, a huge cold drink. We are safer and better because of people like Ron.

Walton Raceway Team– In a few weeks they build a ¼ mile dirt track, a National motocross venue, a cross country track, a UTV course on a tight budget and tighter  timeline. It looked easy because of how talented they all are. Chris, Barry, Barns, Mitch, Sam, Derek, Guy, Caden, Griff, Kelby, Charlee, Faith, Kennedy, Genny, Hope, Nat, Jo, Tim, Rona, Aaran, Jason, Christain and the Centenaires Hockey team are a few of the people who dug in and made it happen.

Jetwerx/Triple Crown Series – The opportunity to televise amateur motocross is something we should be very grateful for. Add in Pro Motocross and all the stuff the Triple Crown Series has going on and motocross has a strong platform to grow from.

Flattrack Canada and Off Road Ontario – This was a risk for both these groups. They took a chance on the vision. Everyones eyes are on 2022 — so get ready for another festival of motorcycles.

Our Facility Supporters – Wiesner Insurance, Country Corners, True North Leasing and Financing, Roost Factory – Hoosier- Segway, Fox Racing, GasGas, KTM Canada and Husqvanrna, Blyth Ultra Mart, McGavin’s Farm Equipment.

Before you know it…It will be the 2021 WaltonTransCan Grand National Championships

Get your Early Entry Pricing. Sign Up today, 

We cannot stress enough this event is great for all ages, all skills and you will not regret signing up. Whether you have raced for years or if this is your first time — get registered. 

ANQs:  Due to COVID-19 many regions may not be able to have ANQs.  As a result, gate positions will be assigned per region based on the date of entry for those regions that will not hold an amateur national qualifier.  For those regions with ANQs, regular qualifying procedures remain (i.e. Ontario).


Please note, at the time of the 2021 Walton TransCan GNC we will be following all current COVID-19 restrictions, if applicable.

WAIVERS: In your registration confirmation email, you will be provided with a separate link to sign your mandatory digital waivers.  Every single person who will be arriving in your vehicle and staying at your campsite must sign the waiver.

ENTRY FEES (per class):

March 12 – June 23rd: $95 (Passed)

June 24th – July 25th: $115 (PASSED)

July 25th – Event: $125

NEW FOR 2021

In 2021 there will be changes to the classes that will line our gates for the 29th year. There has been a lot of discussion, debate and hard decisions made around all changes at Walton TransCan GNC this year. We know some will be welcomed while others will be tougher to hear – please understand we have based these decisions on three years of consistent data.

There will not be 450 Junior or 450 Intermediate classes in 2021 at the Walton TransCan Grand National Championships (GNC). This is due to the changing trends in motorcycle racing: young riders are not as comfortable on the larger bikes, older riders are focused on Pro and age classes. The changing cost in racing means fewer riders can afford multiple bike options. All this translates into fewer 450 riders. 450 can still race age classes and Open classes at the Walton TransCan GNC.

The Youth Class will be now open to Intermediate/Junior/Beginner classified athletes at Walton TransCan GNC. It is not open to Pro-level riders.

Schoolboy 2 12-17 is being reintroduced for riders aged 12-17 on a 250F. There are large numbers of athletes in this bracket and it is a really exciting class to bring back to the National level. Regions will not hold qualifiers for this class. Entry will be accepted as first-come, first-served.

The Fox Racing Instinct Bronze Boot will include points from the Youth class and SchoolBoy (1+2) 12-17 classes.

UPDATE March 29, 2021: Girls 9-16 has been added back to the event roster on a trial basis for 2021 and the class will be revisited prior entries opening up for 2022.

50cc 4-6 will move to the small track in 2021. This small track is being developed and expanded. Riders in 50cc 4-6 can still compete in 50cc GP on the large track. This addresses the racer intimidation of the big track and safety issues raised by parents in 2020.

+30A will no longer be an available class (see ProAm and +25).

+50 will have their own Gate in 2021.

ProAm is being added to the schedule. There has been a renewed interest from fast riders to compete at Walton TransCan GNC. Also with the removal of 450 Intermediate, this class offers additional race options for riders on a 450.

The Tyke Class is back for 2021, and will be following the same rules and regulations as AMO: Tyke class is strictly 4-8 years of age on training wheels, or no training wheels, CRF, TTR, PW, etc. ONLY. No KTM, Husky, Gas-Gas, or Cobra bikes in Tyke for 2021 and beyond.

The Edge of Walton Challenge Course will be welcoming your little ones for a free camp experience Wednesday – Friday, 9:00am – 12:00pm ages 4-8. Please register your camper below as numbers will be limited due to increased demand!

The refund procedure for the 2021 Walton TransCan GNC can be found here.

Shout out to the team at GopherDunes.  An absolute test of everyone. — It was awesome to witness !! Good luck to everyone at Deschambeault.

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