Walton TransCan 2022

Amateur GNC August 10-13 & Sunday Pro National August 14 2022

2021 Walton TransCan

Walton Raceway – The Event Centre

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The Feed InTariff (FIT) renewable energy program under the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has made it possible to take Walton Raceway’s ‘Green’ operations philosophy beyond conservation, recycling and eco-friendly choices. A 100KW rooftop solar allows us and our clients to give back in a significant way. For example here is the impact or equivalent of the last month’s energy production.

The new Walton Raceway Event centre is designed to be developed to support the evolution of the raceway and to serve a variety of event support functions. Expansion and adoption of additional future functionality were considered in the initial design and location.

The lead partner in this project has been KW PowerLogic. KW PowerLogic is a Canadian owned company that focuses on renewable energy programs in Ontario. Incorporated in 2002, KWPL has primarily focused on solar technologies in response to Ontario Power Authority (OPA) renewable energy programs. From their past experience in which KWPL has been contracted to identify and secure land options, prepared site layouts, worked with permitting and planning departments, conservation authorities and environmental and structural/electrical engineers, KWPL has assembled a team of professionals able to efficiently provide full Engineer, Procure, Construct and Manage (EPCM) services for all aspects of solar energy projects. In particular they have complete familiarity with the OPA Feed InTariff (FIT) solar energy programs, and work daily with OPA, Hydro One and other private utilities to approve projects and get them connected to the electrical grid.

KW PowerLogic Inc. Brussels, ON N0G 1H0 (519) 887-8585 info@kwpowerlogic.com Contact Bill King  (519) 531-0449 e-mail: bill@kwpowerlogic.com



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