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2021 Walton TransCan

#RoadtoWalton Week One down. 29 to go.

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Here is your chance to catch up on the journey in our Vet Challenge.

Week 1- Newf
Ryan Lockhart

Feels good to complete the first week of this challenge. As I have had in my mind coming in to this, it’s always been the plan to ease into it. Here is what I accomplished this week.
Cut all creamer in my coffee. Drinking it Black with a little bit of honey.
Made it to the Gym once at 6am. Rode the bike for 30 min and did a circuit of weights for 15 min. I enjoyed this but problem I’m running into is that our gym will only accept 2 people per time spot and it’s hard to get time slots as everyone seems to be on the New Year’s health kick.
Cut way back on the late night snacking.
Monday Morning I weighted 206.5 lbs and this morning I was 205lbs on the dot. I’m happy with that as I feel that with the lite entry into this it’s only going to get better.
The Plan for week two is to continue to build off of week one and get to the Gym twice. Has anyone heard if Gauldy’s body recovered after eating cauliflower??

How I imagine I am going to look at Transcan!! #roadtowalton #VetChallenge


Week 1- Gauldy
Ryan Gauld

I’ll do anything (I guess)

No matter who you are, you make some sort of resolution on the New Year. Eat less, train more, be
better, work harder, blah blah blah…. It’s a high percentage we let ourselves down because life just gets in the way. We want to do what we think or what we say but it’s never easy. Add in the COVID in 2020, and now 2021 is starting like a dumpster fire with 5 gallons of gas, nothing is making it easy to be theyou, you want or wish to be. Enter the nub errr, Brett Lee!!

I get an email that came with a feeling. A feeling that inebriation is how this typing came to
light, though this drunken keyboard slapping made sense. It all made sense too. Brett Lee is
motivated right now. The “Why” is what concerned me? Did I owe him money? Am I getting set
up? Has he gotten COVID and lost his mind? All these thoughts, racing through my head when
he asked Chris Pomeroy, Ryan Lockhart, Kevin Tyler, Derek Schuster, and me to join him in
“2021 Walton GNC Prep!” A group of overweight, washed-up, even a quad racer, who are better
at telling stories, and sleeping by 8 pm then committing to not eating that 5 th slice of pizza or that
15 th Chicken Wing, or for me, the second bowl of Ice Cream. But, I have joined his kum by yaw
session; I have drunk the kool-aid.

I’m not sure how many of these little write-ups will be coming from all this but for me, It’s all
about entertainment and laughs. For me, training this week, the first week, consisted of watching
the Leafs play. They won, I won, I feel great. Bring on the GNC!!!


Week 1- Palms
Chris Pomeroy
Next week I’ll be more specific with what workouts I’ve been doing.

Well, week one of our Road To Walton Fitness Challenge is in the books and so far everything is going great. When it comes to something like a fitness challenge, they say that starting it in most cases the hardest thing to do. Over the years, I’ve had several trainers tell me that when they get new clients one of the toughest tasks is getting them to show up on Day 1. And the second hardest part is getting them to keep going and remain consistent.

I feel like all adults will tell you the same thing when it comes to fitness. As hard as it to picture yourself getting out of shape when you’re in your twenties, it actually can happen quite easier as items like work, kids, and unhealthy eating take over life during our thirties. Then we wake up one day, we’re 45 years old and the past 15 years have gone by in a flash. Then, as we’re looking for some sort of validation that things aren’t so bad, the cruelty of life throws us another curveball and we see a photo of ourselves and it makes us further wonder what the hell happened! If this sounds a tiny bit cliched it’s because it is and it happens to almost all of us. But it’s okay because as humans we sometimes need a proverbial slap in the face to initiate true change.
That is why group fitness challenges like this one are a good idea. As I said, the older you get the harder it is to either stay fit or get yourself in shape. It’s never a case of just changing the way you eat or going for a run a few times per week. It’s a complete lifestyle change and having the support of your friends and family is a must.

For me, this first week has really been a continuation of the fitness journey I recommitted to in the fall of 2018. It was during that time that I began to feel my age and I decided to introduce at least four days of cardio training into my weekly schedule. Since then, I’ve been getting more and more serious about trying to stay fit and after a solid summer on my road bicycle, in November I began doing more weight training. So far, everything is going great and one of my main goals through this Road to Walton Challenge is to focus on eating cleaner. During the past week, I’ve been able to accomplish this by trying to eat less sugar and fast carbs. As I said above, getting fit while in your 40s isn’t about just one thing, it’s about a lot of things. So far so good for me, and I hope this next week is even better!





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