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2021 Walton TransCan

Week Three – Party Platters and lettuce burgers. #Roadtowalton

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If you are training, regardless of age and if you are racing or not,  share your journey. ,make sure to tag @waltonraceway and use the hashtag #roadtowalton. We want to share your story!

Blog 2 -Ryan Lockhart
Week 3

Doing this a day early since we are starting to move warehouses tomorrow and won’t have time.

Well we are just about a month into this thing. Like Brett has mentioned January was all about forming routine and that’s what I have tried to work on. I’m into a schedule of going to the Gym 3 days a week which I have done for 3 constitutive weeks now and it feel good to be honest. I can notice a difference in my strength and energy level overall.

My work outs consist of either 35min of spin bike or 30 mins of circuit training. This week I have even mixed in some intervals on the bike which feels good. Getting the heart rate higher which was really hard to do at the beginning.

Motivation is coming along which makes it easier to get up at 5:30am and get to the gym. We also have a really good thing going in the group chat which make this whole process fun. I just love seeing the photos from Digs and Gauldy lol.  This Fucking pandemic can be over anytime now as it’s seems to be really dragging me down but one way or another we are loading up end of July and heading to the Trans Can.

Plan for the next few week is keep plugging away and now that I feel like I’m building a decent base I’m going to start riding again. Have ridden a bike in 2 months but weather is decent out here so I think it’s time.

I have had a few days where I come home from work and just kill a bag of chips but we are all human right. Gauldy how is that Lettuce Burger???  


Blog 2 -Ryan Gauld
Week 3

What week is it?So far, this whole training/#roadtowalton has been fun. I for one have not done much as far as training
goes but I have started to eat better. But in that same breath, after I eat some keto-type deal or some extra green shit, the next day or maybe even an hour after I scarf a bag of chips and dip. Being home sucks because the snacks are too easy to find.This is one road to the goal all of us have.

To have a goal though is what’s important these days. With how garbage lockdown is, kids not in school, and seemingly the dumbest people in Canada making
decisions for us, all seems lost at times. This goal keeps us on track and moving towards something good. I like that part. I have even worked a deal to get myself a stationary bike for the basement now.

Whether or not I reach my goal, I currently have a purpose on top of regular everyday Dad life or trying to make Amy love me more as a husband with never leaving my pajama pants.
So as we approach February and I’m about to turn the ripe age of 43, I see this group of #roadtowalton clowns becoming more and more entertaining. I’m super pumped for KT and Diggs. Both are extremely out f shape and have been, so far, using this as a reason to change a life. That’s the exact reason for it and it’s kind of inspiring. I by no means have been much better in the shape department (round is a shape by the way!!) but I will join in harder and deeper soon enough. I have to with these beasts getting after it. For Brett, he sees so many angles on this and I respect every one of them. I golf clap for him. Newf has done nothing but post pictures in our group of long workouts and huge activity. So Mr. Serious us back so it seems. Or he’s just running from dada duty as much as possible. As for the last guy, well has been a ghost in all of this. I’m not surprised by bland, boring Mr. Ontario, but come on Palms, have a little fun with this. Join in the shit talk, the memes, the enjoyment of what this is supposed to bring.

Just as I hit send to Captain of this ship (Brett), Palms chimed in our group chat with, “my notifications were turned off.” Seems about right for a guy that runs a website, magazine, social feeds (insert hand to face emoji) So he’s back to life and can now read through our group chat where we poke fun at him because, well, it is fun to do that to Palms. It’s all in good fun as this group of bag draggers has known one another for a big part of our lives. So this is serious in the sense of us all using each other to push us towards the #roadtowalton goal but on the way, if we can’t laugh at one another and dig a little under one another skin then it will be super lame. I will take the reins of the class clown from here on out and each week I will find ways to make us all have a giggle. Laughter is the best medicine.

If you enjoy this thus far, it’s just begun. I don’t know how we win this competition but I think we need to make that a thing. I’ve been watching Cobra Kai and I’m ready for No Mercy!!


Blog 2 – Chris Pomeroy
Week 3

Oh boy.

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