What”s up with the blogs you ask? They are two fold. One is it a cool story that shares the journey and maybe inspires some of you. It is also one of the #roadtowalton accountability checks. You can not go missing when you got a blog due!!

There is no rules, no limits, no expectations on these blogs. The only rule is MUST  do them.

Enjoy this week from Brett, Dig and KT.

Blog 2 -Brett Lee

Strange times.

I started this little plan of challenges and competitions off with the belief that it was what we all were looking for to motivate ourselves to be stronger versions of ourselves. As individuals, who thrived for years on motocross, the “one on one” and “crush everyone” mentality has always driven most of us. We always had to “beat the other guy.”

In many ways that mentality has served us well. We are all independent men who are never afraid to share what we believe is right. The challenges for the group never got laid out in this early on, and we have all just worked to create habits: diet, health and movement. So unintentionally we have become a team. Our chat group has busted each other and made fun of each other, but mostly it has supported each other (insert Gaudy calling me a Nancy and asking where my Kumbaya guitar is). The first 5 weeks we have shared wins and admitted losses and generally motivated each other off the lazy boy recliner.  

What has broken open for me is that I see this #roadtowalton thing now as not a competition with 5 other guys, but one with myself. Can I stay the course? Can I forgive myself and recover when I fall off the program? Can I build on the small wins – and not collapse on losses.

Motocross is a sport that tests and pushes physically and as well mentally. I love it. Deep in all of us, we admire the the ability to suffer the highs and lows. When we see a racer in the winners circle after a National, dirt-caked to their face, sweaty, blisters taped over – we envy the feeling.   

The cool truth is, it doesn’t matter if you ride or not. If you are a junior, a Vet racer or if you are Dylan Wright…we can all capture the feeling of pushing outside what is comfortable.   Our attraction to motocross is just as much about showing up ready to race, paying the price as it is about racing. Trophies are not won at the track as they say.

I am not gonna be always big  “personal enlightenment” in my blogs. For sure I have some bitching coming.  I know I really love the pushes from our group on the chat, and I have been enjoying the work, the goals and the purpose in the first couple weeks. It is not going to be all highs and our groups will be quick to point this out when we slow down and when the season starts it will get tougher – but it will come with rewards.

If your #roadtowalton is starting or started — put people around yourself that bring you up. As I said, our small group started out talking about how we will crush each other – quickly it is pushing to elevate and share the wins.