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The final showdown this weekend in Motocross Town


Another national championship season – one of the most dramatic and volatile in years – is drawing to a close with the traditional final showdown at Walton Raceway in Walton, ON, a venue that has been on the CMRC Nationals schedule since 1992.
While every event on the calendar makes the Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals the great series it is, Walton has more than earned its reputation as the crown jewel of Canadian motocross. Huron East Council declared Walton, which draws the largest motocross spectator crowds in the country, “Motocross Town” in 2008, a moniker that is unique and well placed. Walton is to Canadian motocross what Wimbledon is to tennis, the Super Bowl to football and Indianapolis to auto racing. Winning Walton is about bragging rights. It is a national every serious competitor wants to add to his career highlights.
Of the current A-list riders only Colton Facciotti, Bobby Kiniry, Tyler Medaglia, Teddy Maier and Shawn Maffenbeier have won at Walton. Facciotti – holding the record with three victories – and Kiniry recorded MX1 wins while Medaglia, Maier, and Maffenbeier wrote the MX2 beside their names. Rockstar Energy Drink OTSFF Yamaha’s Maffenbeier is the only rider of the group to compete in MX2 this season, a series he is currently ranked third in the points in, just two down from second place, Smartop MotoConcepts Racing’s Vince Friese. A repeat win for Maffenbeier, who claimed the overall last weekend in Ulverton, would more than do the trick for the Saskatchewan native to displace Friese from runner-up. In actuality, Maffenbeier only needs to stay ahead of Friese, regardless where they end in the motos, as long as they end in the points. All he has to do is make up the two-point difference and score an additional one to put him ahead of the Missouri native. MX2 points leader, Royal Distributing KTM’s Kaven Benoit, has a 42-point margin over Friese, and the only way Benoit can lose the championship is if he finishes with zero points this Sunday and Friese scores at least 43 or Maffenbeier picks up 46. It is highly unlikely this scenario will transpire; Benoit just needs to stay on two wheels and pick up a handful of points to call himself the 2014 MX2 National Champion.
Without a doubt the biggest battles will be for runner-up and third place in the championship. MX101 Yamaha’s Jesse Wentland is the only rider in the top-five who has a mathematical chance to still claim third, depending on how Maffenbeier and Friese perform. Wentland trails Maffenbeier by 22 points, Friese by 24. The rest of the MX2 top-10 are pretty well in place, although seventh thru 12th is subject to change, as there is only a 29-point gap between them. One thing is almost certain, Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki’s Jeremy Medaglia, currently eighth in the points, will be ousted from the top-10, as his season ended with a broken collarbone at In the premiere class, GDR Honda’s Colton Facciotti, like Benoit in MX2, needs only to stay on two wheels and collect a handful of points to claim his fourth MX1 National Championship. With a 44-point margin over Smartop MotoConcepts Racing’s Mike Alessi, Facciotti is in solid command of the title hunt. While it’s not over till it’s over, Alessi looks more than good to finish the series as runner-up. The American holds a 34-point advantage over third in the rankings, Royal Distributing Fox KTM’s Tyler Medaglia. For his part, Medaglia will need strong finishes if he wants to keep Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki’s Josh Hill behind him in fourth place; only eight points separate the two.
The biggest MX1 points battle will centre around third through sixth, with Medaglia, Hill, Rockstar Energy Drink OTSFF Yamaha’s Kyle Chisholm, and Hill’s teammate Teddy Maier as the combatants. Only 26 points separate Medaglia from sixth place.
According to the weather forecast, riders and spectators can expect a slight breeze, sunshine mixed with variable cloudiness, and a comfortable temperature of 25C.
Points Standings after 9 of 10 Rounds


1. Colton Facciotti (Honda) 381

2. Mike Alessi (Suz) 337

3. Tyler Medaglia (KTM) 303

4. Josh Hill (Kaw) 295

5. Kyle Chisholm (Yam) 281

6. Teddy Maier (Kaw) 277

7. Bobby Kiniry (Yam) 234

8. Dylan Kaelin (Yam) 182

9. Morgan Burger (Yam) 151

10. Nathan Bles (KTM) 117



1. Kaven Benoit (KTM) 355

2. Vince Friese (Hon) 313

3. Shawn Maffenbeier (Yam) 311

4. Jesse Wentland (Yam) 289

5. Topher Ingalls (KTM) 219

6. Seth Rarick (KTM) 195

7. Austin Politelli (Kaw) 164

8. Jeremy Medaglia (Kaw) 153

9. Sylvain Le Gad (Yam) 152

10. Dylan Wright (Yam 145


Past Champions at Walton


2001 Darcy Lange

2002 Blair Morgan

2003 Jean Sebastien Roy

2004 Jean Sebastien Roy

2005 Gavin Gracyk

2006 Dusty Klatt

2007 Paul Carpenter

2008 Colton Facciotti

2009 Colton Facciotti

2010 Bobby Kiniry

2011 Colton Facciotti

2012 Matt Goerke

2013 Cole Thompson

2001 Simon Homans

2002 Gavin Gracyk

2003 Derrick Fisher

2004 Justin Keeney

2005 Michael Willard

2006 Michael Willard

2007 Tucker Hibbert

2008 Jeremy Medaglia

2009 Kerim Fitz-Gerald

2010 Shawn Rife

2011 Tyler Medaglia

2012 Teddy Maier

2013 Shawn Maffenbeier


Michigan vs Canada at the TransCan

RACE ACROSS THE HURON! Michigan has a long history of winning races at Canada’s biggest motocross event, the Walton TransCan. (No surprise, as Detroit is only 2 hours away from the town of Walton in Southwestern Ontario.) The state has churned out many great racers over the years, including Jeff Stanton, Nick Wey and Josh Woods (the last two have won Pro races at Walton) and in 2014, we’ll see young Joey Crown leading the ‘Michigan Mafia’ during the weeklong amateur portion of the TransCan.

AMERICANS INVADING CANADA. It’s been arguably the best year yet in the Canadian Motocross Nationals, with US riders Mike Alessi, Josh Hill, Kyle Chisholm, Seth Rarick, Teddy Maier, and Bobby Kiniry taking on Canada’s best racers Colton Facciotti, Tyler Medaglia and Kaven Benoit.

Who is going to be crowned MX2 & MX1 National Champions at Walton next Sunday? Will it be the Canadians Facciotti (MX1) and Benoit (MX2), or the Americans Alessi (MX1) and Vince Friese (MX2) taking home the gold?

Follow @waltonraceway for the latest event info, images and videos related to the Walton TransCan! Camping spots available at TransCan. See you there!




*All information below is subject to change at any time, but we do try to keep this page updated!

Daily Gate Hours and Camping Fees (Ticket fees are additional):


No checks or credit cards accepted at the ticket gate. Tickets and camping available at the gate; advance purchase is not required.  
Day of Arrival
Daily Gate Schedule (hours you can arrive)
Camping Fee (Per Adult)
Camping Fee (Per Child – 6yr to 11 yr)
Parking Fee (for non-campers, per vehicle)
7pm – 11pm
FAMILY & 18+
7pm– 11pm
FAMILY & 18+
7pm – 11pm
FAMILY & 18+
7pm – 11pm
FAMILY & 18+
7pm – 11pm
      N/A          N/A          N/A
camping not available Sunday night

Event Tickets and Camping on sale now!   ticket button


The main gate will close at 11pm each night.  There is no parking on the road near the track entrance.  Please plan your arrival time accordingly.

Camping space is limited and cannot be guaranteed. You can pay in advance by purchasing online, but will have your choice of the available lots when you arrive.

NO PIT BIKES THIS WEEKEND. No golf carts, ATVs, scooters or anything motorized. This includes Sunday. Ticket gates accept cash only. No glass containers, but you are welcome to bring coolers, food and beverages.

See more rules at the bottom of the page.


No electric, water or sewer hookups. However, a sewage pump truck and a clean water fill truck will be servicing the camping areas throughout the weekend. (These are independent service providers who will charge a separate fee. Racers’ wash barrels can be filled at water fill area, or bring a dolly to take them to the water fill station. .

Each person must purchase a camping if staying the night.

Extra Car: If you bring an extra car along with you, the extra car must park in parking area separate from your campsite! Example: Dad is bringing the RV Wednesday and Mom is coming in her car after work on Friday. Now Mom has to park her car at the extra car parking area.

Camping Lot Choices

Family Lot is for Families and Amateur racers. It’s divided into four sections: A1, A2, A3 and A4.

18+  is more for the party crowd. Everyone in the vehicle must be at least 18 years old to camp in 18+ No race bikes in 18+ All Amateur racers must camp in Family.


New for 2014, all camping lots are open Wednesday through Saturday nights.

If anyone in your group is under 18, the whole group goes to Family

Camping Space Sizes

Every vehicle will have a 20′ wide space; depth varies to accommodate all rig sizes. Inquire about a smaller camping site for pickup trucks, tents, etc. when you arrive.  We do not sell spaces in advance.

Daily Parking

Daily parking is available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Parking is free. Vehicles in daily parking lots must be removed by 11pm, or Vehicles left will be towed at owner’s expense.

Camping & Weekend Rules and Info

No pit vehicles are allowed this weekend (no golf carts, Rhinos, quads, minibikes, etc.). This includes Sunday.

No pallets; no firewood over 20″ in length

No glass containers.

No house furniture.  (Plastic or nylon mesh lawn furniture is permitted.)

No canopies on the infield.  Canopies are allowed in the trackside parking areas (accessible by car or on foot), and anywhere outside the track.

No bicycles after dark.

Coolers are allowed, just not in infield viewing areas. Remember, no glass containers.

Blankets and lawn chairs are welcome on the infield (or any other spectator areas).

Small campfires are allowed; keep to 20″ diameter , Keep up Off the Ground

No scaffolding or ladders.

No beer kegs

No fireworks.

No pit riding.

Race bikes must be pushed to and from the starting line for the Wednesday to Sunday


To better enforce the NO FIREWORKS and NO GLASS CONTAINERS rules, all vehicles are subject to search by security staff. If any fireworks, glass containers or other prohibited items are found, you may remove them from the property yourself or we will dispose of them for you


We will park you, as you arrive, in the next available space in the lot of your choice (space permitting).

No saving spots, with one exception. Camping is first come, first served, and people try to arrive early to camp in the area they want. Also, we can’t pull large rigs in between two already-filled spaces. For those reasons, we generally don’t allow you to save spots. However, on Wednesday and Thursday, before the lots fill up, the parking staff may be able to park you in a more remote area with an end space next to you for a friend who will arrive later. Once lots begin to fill, or the end spots are taken up, we’re not able to offer this option.


How to Qualify for the 2014 GNC


Beginning In April, there is Thirty Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ) races spread across eleven CMRC regions throughout Canada. Thousands of participants will be competing for a spot on the gate in hopes of being crowned a 2014 Canadian Amateur Motocross Grand National Champion. Before the gate drops for the first moto in your region, make sure you are aware of the qualifying events and the TransCan pre-entry procedure.


Regional Qualifying

Riders are encouraged to participate in at least one Amateur National Qualifier event (ANQ) in order to pre-enter. Entry priority is determined by Regional ANQ Series Results and Regional Entry Allocation. Additional regional entries and entries for lower qualified riders will be accepted if allocated positions are not filled. Time of entry was received and paid in full does come into play in the case of a “0” points tie after full regional allocations have taken place. The bracketed number (x) below is the minimum number of guaranteed pre-entry gate positions allocated per region for each ANQ Championship.

Vancouver Island GNC (2)

April 19/20, 2014 Nanaimo
April 26/27, 2014 Port Alberni
May 10/11, 2014 Campbell River



BC Mainland GNC (2)

April 19/20, 2014 Ashcroft
May 24/25, 2014 Prince George



Alberta North (ADRA) GNC (3)

May 17/18, 2014, Fort McMurray, AB
May 24/25, 2014, Fort McMurray, AB



Alberta South (AMSA) GNC (3)

May 11, 2014, Temple Hill, AB
May 19, 2014, Medicine Hat, AB
June 1, 2014, Brooks, AB



Saskatchewan GNC (2)

May 4, 2014 Swift Current
May 11, 2014 Saskatoon
May 25, 2014 Weyburn
May 31, 2014 Coronach

Contact: Daryl Murphy


Northern Ontario GNC (1)

June 14, 2014 AMX



Central Ontario GNC (1)

May 18, 2014 Runway Park
June 1, 2014 Providence Bay



South Western Ontario GNC (11)

April 20, 2014 Motopark
April 27, 2014 RJ Motosport
May 4, 2014 Gopher Dunes
May 25, 2014 Paisley Rat Track
June 8, 2014 Walton Raceway

Contact: Jim Scott


Eastern Ontario GNC (3)

May 3/4, 2014 Sand Del Lee
May 24/25, 2014 Sand Del Lee

Contact: Johnny Grant


Quebec GNC (7)

May 24/25, 2014 Ste-Julie
June 21/22, 2014 Trig Jonction

Contact: Stéphane Théroux


Atlantic GNC (4)

May 4, 2014 Riverglade Mx Park, NB
May 18, 2014 Mill Hill, NS
May 31, 2014 Riverglade Mx Park, NB
June 15, 2014 Port Elgin, NB



Manitoba GNC (3)

Manitoba will have 3 spots allocated for participating regional Manitoba racers.


Total of 12 Regions, 30 Races and 42 Gate Spots


Sign up ASAP at to have the best qualifying position possible for the 2014 Parts Canada TransCan


The 2014 Parts Canada TransCan “23th Anniversary” Canadian Amateur Motocross Grand National Championship (GNC) at Walton Raceway is open for registration! To register visit MotoRegistry at: Walton Raceway strongly recommends that you send entry in immediately whether you know you will race in the event for sure or not. The entries will be confirmed after all ANQs across Canada are completed in June. Pre-entry deadline is June 18th, if you register after this date your ANQ results will not be taken into consideration, not matter how well your results are. Full refunds for cancellations will be processed until June 30th


New for 2014 a 50cc GP Class has been added, also if the 40+ class fills with over 42 entries before June 1st new 40B class will be added and riders will be separated based on riding ability.


Take advantage of the Early Bird Pre-Entry Discount Pricing from now until June 1st, 2014.


Pricing is $85 + hst for all classes 65cc and up. For all 50cc racers early bird pre-entry pricing is $60 + hst.


Discount levels and timelines are as follows:

Early Bird Pre-Entry Discount of $30 – Now until June 1st

Pre Entry Discount of $20 – June 2nd

Late Entry Discount of $15 – June 19th

Post Entry Discount of $5 – July 1st

Event Entry – August 1


For all media, marketing and partnership requests, please contact Mark Perrin or call 519-384-1067.


To follow Walton Raceway or The Parts Canada TransCan GNC on Facebook and Twitter, log on to or and or


For further information about your Regional Amateur National Qualifier Series (ANQ) please contact your CMRC representative or CMRC Amateur Racing at 905-642-5607 x2 or





Entry Fees and ANQ Deadlines 2014


Make sure those ANQ results count ..

Here is the step by step process that the event staff use to determine if you make it into the 2014 TransCan. This is a limited entry event. The following applies up to the point at which 42 entries per class have been received. The only exception is the Junior MX2 and Junior MX3 where an additional 42 entries will be accepted from lower ranked or late entries which will create a non-championship ‘B’ group in each class. Riders ranked outside available gate positions will be  on a standby list and advanced to a starting position in order of rank if/when higher ranked entries drop out.




Early Bird Pre-entry

June 1st

  • Must have ridden ANQ in the class entered for purposes of ranking
  • Ranked on ANQ results
  • Must enter no later than June 1st
 $85 (+HST) Enter  anytime even prior to ANQs
 Pre-entryJune 19th
  • Must have ridden ANQ in the class entered for purposes of ranking
  • Ranked on ANQ results
  • Must enter no later than June 19th
  • added to the entry list based on ranking
  $95 (+HST)

Late Pre-entry 

June 30th

  • Must have ridden ANQ in the class entered
  • Ranked on date received
  • Must enter no later than June 30th
  • added to the entry list as-received

$105 (+HST)

Post Entry

July 31st

  • Ranked on date received
  • Must enter no later than July 31st
  • added to the entry list in as-received order, after June 30th

$110 (+HST)

Late Post Entry

  • entered at the event Aug 13th

$115 (+HST)

 Refund procedure can be found here . 100% refund of on-line entries up until June 19, 2014. Partial refunds available after that date so get signed up ASAP! No Refunds After July 31, 2014.

Frequently asked questions are here

I just want to get on with it! Sign up at 

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Event FAQ

walking the track with Dad

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. My region doesn’t run of all the listed classes.
  2. When should I enter?
  3. What qualifier places are automatically given a gate position?
  4. How do I pay?
  5. What else do I need to know?
  6. Can I cancel my entry?
  7. What are the entry deadlines?
  8. Do I need to qualify?
  9. Can I qualify in another region?
  10. I didn’t qualify in the ANQ’s, can I still enter?
  11. What is a standby entry?

My region doesn’t run all the classes listed

Due to smaller numbers, a class may not be run at some regional ANQs. If that happens GNC entries will be accepted based on date received up to the number allocated to that region.

When should I enter?

NOW would be a good time. We recommend that you send entries immediately. You do not have to wait until ANQs are completed. Sign up on-line now at

What qualifier places are automatically given a gate position?

Each region has gate positions allocated based on each regions membership. You are guaranteed a position if your entry is received by June 19 and you placed in the allocated positions in your regional qualifier series. Allocations as follows: Vancouver Island (2), BC Mainland (1), Alberta (7), Saskatchewan (2), Manitoba (3) Northern Ontario (1), Central Ontario (1), South Western Ontario (11), Eastern Ontario(3), Quebec (7), Atlantic (4)

How do I pay?

Use your bank account, MasterCard/Visa/Amex etc cards or PayPal account for payment when you sign up on-line at Mailed payments must be accompanied by a cheque or money order payable to Tite Racing Promotions Inc. in Canadian funds to be valid. Cheques post dated are not acceptable. Race entries will be processed when funds are received.  NSF or post dated cheques and improper funds will result in the entry being denied until funds are received.

What else do I need to know?

Confirmations will be emailed out following completion of regional qualifiers and compilation of national results. After that on an as received basis. This will include a complete participants information. The order of preference for first moto gate position, resolution of number conflicts and the order of standby entries are determined by qualifier position and date of entry. Your confirmation email letter should be available at sign in if there are any problems with registration, so hang on to it.

Can I cancel my entry?

Yes. If you enter on-line through simply log into your account and cancel the entry. The PayPal transaction will be automatically reversed. Otherwise a written refund request must be received by Aug 1 with a copy of the original confirmation mailing received by mail/email Refunds less handling charges will be mailed out following the event. Riders that are denied entry into the GNC must submit written confirmation before the event starts. Entry refunds will be administered to riders that are injured and send written confirmation before August 1st. All refunds will be issued after the GNC.

What are the entry deadlines?

This is a limited entry event with up to a full gate of 42 in each class. (Note exceptions above for MX2 Junior and MX3 GP Junior) Date received will be the deciding factor in determining order of entry after seeding qualifier positions. Pre-­entries for riders who rode their qualifiers must be received no later than June 19. Gate positions allocated to each region (quantity based on regional membership) will be assigned at that time. After June 19 qualified entries will be accepted on a first come basis for standby or open positions. After June 30 all entries will be accepted on a first come basis for standby or open positions.

Do I need to qualify?

In order to pre-enter you must have participated in at least one amateur national qualifier so that you show up on the entry list for the class you are entering from your qualifying region.

I didn’t qualify in the ANQ’s, can I still enter?

If your qualifier series position is lower than your region’s allocated positions, you may still get a starting position based on riders that qualified in your region that did not enter the GNC. If other regions’ entries do not fill their allocated positions, these will be filled based on the date the entry form is received. So your best bet is to Sign up on-line now at

Can I qualify in another region?

Yes. Not only that, you can ride ANQs in as many regions and in as many classes as you like and then pick the results which give you the best entry position.

What is a standby entry?

When a gate is full, we maintain a list of riders who want to ride in a particular class. If there are cancellations or no-shows, the gate will be filled from the standby list in the order entries are ranked.


Any suggestions for items to add to the FAQ page , please email to



Parts Canada TransCan Awards

Alpinestars Bronze Boot

The  Bronze Boot is an annual award presented to the best all round amateur rider with the most points in the Junior or Intermediate Classes for the week of the Parts Canada TransCan Canada Amateur Motocross Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway.

Past Bronze Boot Winners
1998 GNC -Justin Thompson Ontario
1999 GNC -Kaven Gregiore Quebec
2000 GNC -Zeb Dennis Ontario
2001 GNC -Peter Raymer Ontario
2002 GNC -Trevor Hall Ontario
2003 GNC – Tyler Medaglia Ontario
2004 GNC -Adam Deakon Ontario
2005 GNC -Kyle Stephens Ontario
2006 GNC -Nathan Slater Atlantic
2007 GNC – Dylan Kaelin Ontario
2008 GNC – Richard Grey Ontario
2009 GNC – Alex Laliberte Quebec
2010 GNC – Bradley Dool.Ontario
2011 GNC- Talyor Arsenault ON
2012 GNC- Scott Cameron ON
2013 GNC – Dylan Wright ON

Dunlop Top Mini Rider
The Dunlop Top Mini Rider Award is an annual award presented to the best all round Mini Racer with the most points in the 65cc, 85cc and Supermini Classes for the week of the Parts Canada TransCan Canada Amateur Motocross Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway.
2013 Jacob Piccolo BC


Rick Joseph Memorial Award

The Rick Joseph Memorial Award is an annual award presented at the Parts Canada TransCan to recognize the character, achievements and potential of riders in the Intermediate class.

Rick Joseph Jr. first came to our attention during the mid ’80s when he, like most of us was struggling to learn the basic skills required to survive as a beginner. He and his family and friends were regular Saturdays for ‘house league’ motocross events at Hully Gully. His enthusiasm for the sport was obvious despite a normally shy personality.

His commitment became increasingly obvious as he honed his talent to raise his level of achievement. Against a strong contingent which included riders such as Chris Pomeroy and Brad Lockhart, Rick was gaining strength and recognition. To further challenge himself he also competed in the USA and it was at the Mini Olympics at Gainseville Florida that he suffered an injury that ultimately claimed his life in the fall of 1989.

Richard and Ellie Joseph, his parents, have maintained their connections with the sport and can be seen on competing in the +40 and ladies classes. Each year they have posted a $300 cash award for presentation at the Walton event. In addition the recipients receive a plaque embossed with a graphic taken from a picture of Rick which appeared in Motocross Action capturing Rick getting the holeshot at Gainseville Mini O’s in the 250B class. Eligible riders are limited to residents of Canada and cannot repeat. A committee of independent observers submit nominations from their evaluation of a number of criteria looking at the whole season.The criteria recognize the difficulty most riders have in making the transition to pro class racing and attempts to evaluate the strength of character, sportsmanship, self discipline and personality in addition to ability and results which should make this a successful transition

Past Winners

1991 – Mark Booker
1992 – Terry Rothmaier
1993 – Brett Lee
1994 – Jeff Coles
1995 – Jess Webster
1996 – Chuck Mesley
1997- Joel Rickert
1998 – Micheal Island
1999 – Ian Hayden / Chris Tyndall
2000 – Dan Rounding
2001 – Kyle Keast
2002 – Bobby Thompson
2003 – Tyler Medaglia
2004 – Lee Guilliver
2005 – Kyle Ferguson
2006 – Kyle Stephens
2007 – Jeremy Medaglia
2008 – Kurtis Ritchie
2009 – Dylan Kaelin
2010 – Richard Grey
2011 – Drew Roberts
2012 – Matthew Davenport
2013 – Tyler Duffy
2014 – YOU?

Yamaha Factory Ride Award
Yamaha Motor Canada will offer a “Factory Ride” sponsorship to a deserving Amateur Yamaha rider at the upcoming 2014 Parts Canada TransCan, Canadian Amateur Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway, August 13-17. The sponsorship award is in conjunction with the existing “Yamabucks For You” campaign that hands out Yamabuck gift certificates to the top three Yamaha’s in each class.

The “Factory Ride” sponsorship will go to the Yamaha rider who scores the most points in their respective classes. For their efforts, the rider will win the following for the 2014 race season:

2011 RJ Marnoch
2012 Steven Anderson/Tanner Ward
2013 Dylan Wright

GPF/ Scott Sports Recovery Award
The rider (in any class) that starts off their week at Parts Canada TransCan with a bad moto, but recovers to finish well in their remaining motos.  This award is open to any rider participating in the Parts Canada TransCan.

2009 Kade Walker
2010 Micheal Dasilva
2011 Matthew Davenport
2012 Dain Gourgon
2013  Jean-Christophe Bujold


Dan Pelletier Memorial Award
This award is presented to the Mother or Father of a Parts Canada TransCan participant that exemplifies the same hard work and dedication that Dan showed to his kids.

2007 Craig Randall
2008 Gary Locken
2010 Rick Ammoyette
2011 George Jones
2012 Mark Christopher
2013 Stephan Watling

DMX Total Devotion Award
The Total Devotion award focus’s on the rider at Parts Canada TransCan that shows the ability to overcome adversity and shows total devotion to the sport of motocross on and off the track.

2005 Davey Fraiser
2006 Ryan Millar
2007 Kyle McGynn
2008 Zach Heydeman
2009 Nathan Bles
2011  Ty Shemko
2012 Dylan Wright
2013 Dallas Robertson

Wiseco Performance Most Improved Award
This award goes to the rider that is simply the most improved from the previous year. The most improved rider never gives up and works hard to achieve his or her goals <

2009 Denaye Giroux
2010 Nicky Beatty
2011 Jess Pettis
2012 Sam Gaynor
2013 Renee Reindeau

Manufacture Cup Award
This award goes to the Manufacture with the highest accumulated points drawn from the top 5 overall in each TransCan class.

2011 KTM
2012 KTM
2013 KTM