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2015 – What a week that was ..

2015 CMRC Motocross Nationals Walton Raceway Walton, Ontario August 16, 2015

What a week it will be for the 25th annual TransCan in 2016!

Just as riders are hard at work across the country honing their skills and marshalling their resources to make an assault on their personal goals for the year, so too, is everyone behind the TransCan organization. We have every intention to ensure that the 25th year at Walton Raceway will provide you, the participants and fans, with the most memorable experience yet.

JK5L12802016 may well see the most intense competition ever. For the first time the regional Amateur National Qualifier (ANQs) will be open to all riders across the country as well as international racers willing to travel to compete. Check the ANQ schedule for the designated events nearest to you.

2015 CMRC Motocross Nationals Walton Raceway Walton, Ontario August 16, 2015

The Canadian Motocross Grand National Pro Open is breaking new ground in 2016 with unprecedented incentives for pro racers in the pursuit of the coveted title of ‘King of Walton’. The winner-takes-all Superfinal – the ultimate shootout – the one race in 2016 you cannot miss.

The 2016 Parts Canada TransCan will rock your world! Standby for announcements as additional details are finalized .

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